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Available software for leagues PLUS help on as90 league info etc.


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  • Available software for leagues PLUS help on as90 league info etc.

    Ok. Center has NOBODY to help with league info as entering, starting a new league and such. Cannot find anyone to assist. AS90c. Is it hard to learn??? What good/easy basic league cd's are out there w/o having to download to their site, like installing a disc program on a home laptop. I remember some of entering scores but not much. Seems like nobody wants to help the poor wife who has been stuck with bills, no weekday fall leagues (due to no onsite mechanic) but I CAN generate new ones that I am positive of since by just having me back there and bowlers knowing there is a real mechanic in house...they will come again. I have many leagues planned Thoughts?? Owner passed away & I do not want center to shut the doors !!!!!

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Someone had welded this...

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