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10 team league on 8 lanes


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  • 10 team league on 8 lanes

    If you had a league that expanded from 8 to 10 teams and you only had 8 lanes, what league schedule would you use? We are thinking that we would use the 8 team schedule and the two teams bowling on lane 9 and 10 would have the week off with no wins and no losses. Suggestions or comments, please. Thanks.

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    I wouldn't give up linage. Ask everyone to prebowl the number of weeks required. They can stock up numerous prebowls but they must ne used in order that they were bowled in. Meaning they can't pick and choose which prebowl to play against which team.


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      we have a early set and a late set for leagues that are bigger then the lanes we have just a thought


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        Tweek to Headpin's pre bowl idea -- the 9&10 teams would be the ones to pre or post bowl within a day of the normal night league night. Second to that, eaglelanes has good idea of just splitting the league in two and have the teams bowl a little later/earlier as needed on the same night.
        I think all this would depend on the flexibility of the bowlers' schedules and likewise your centers other scheduled events.


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