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    I've got an odd problem, and I would like to hear how other people deal with this. Not everyone gives out rainchecks for guaranteed leagues, but this center does deal them accordingly. We've started getting rainchecks handed in with no information filled out of any kind. Some times non-league members have them, and won't say how they got them. I thought an auto incrementing stamper and log for which rainchecks go to which secretaries, but the owner thinks it would be too much cost of time and resources. Another thought is an online form, wherein I could write a piece of software to send the raincheck requests in and print the bowler's name and expiration directly on the raincheck. I have too many software projects open right now for that to be a quick fix. No solution is too crazy for consideration.

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    You can make serialized rain checks or vouchers in Microsoft Office. Check out the attached video.
    If it can't be fixed with a hammer, try a bowling pin! They're heavier and more surface area for whacking!


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