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Christmas gifts for league bowlers.


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  • Christmas gifts for league bowlers.

    Every year since before Christ was born, we have given every league bowler a free drink and a bowling towel or can coozie. Just checking what others are doing and trying to get some fresh ideas for our bowlers. Thanks,Sid

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    Our center puts out bowls of free potato chips and mini-pretzels (with napkins and paper plates) the last league session before Christmas and invites members to bring goodies to share. Fairly inexpensive and promotes drink sales. -- JohnP


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      We give them the day off. :p
      Actually, at the end of November, we give all league bowlers 3 free games a day, valid on Monday thru Friday.
      Its called League Bowler Appreciation Week.


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        We allow the leagues to bring their own food for a pot luck party. The bonus here is staff get to get in on all the great food.


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