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Quick N Crispy Greaseless Fryer


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  • Quick N Crispy Greaseless Fryer

    Was Curious to see if anyone else at other bowling centers have one of these machines.. It is called the Quick N Crispy Greaseless fryer. It cooks with hot air. We are new to it and are steadily making it better but are there special types of food to use that speed up the cooking of the foods?? It seems that it takes longer to cook things in this machine causing slower service and longer waits.
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    We got one for summer business, because our restaurant shuts down. The only special food you need are ones that can be prepared in an oven.. I believe they have to be pre cooked. Try shoe sting fries as they will take less time to cook. We've also been playing around with spraying the food with cooking spray before cooking it, trying to get that fried flavor. Its a handy unit, but nothing beats a deep fryer. We're still wet behind the ears on this thing too, so what im telling you is what we've tried, not gospel. hope it helps


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      We have also tried spraying the food to get that fried food taste.. I also think that you are right when you said "When it comes down to it nothing beats a deep fryer."
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        We have the Perfect Fry, it is a self contained deep frier. (it's been great) It is like a microwave touch screen for programing the times for all the different foods, dump food in a hopper and press one button and walk away. After the food is done is gets dumped in a tray in front. It's great while bartending.


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          Thanks for sharing.


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            There's nothing like deep fried foods. It's fast and easy. Hot-air cooked foods usually taste bland. For an example, compare kettle popped corn against air popped. (Even microwave popcorn is better tasting than air popped.) Your first bite will tell the difference.

            I'm not against hot-air cookers, as there are some people on special diets where fried foods could be hazardous to their health.


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              we have 2 of the quick n crispys, now. We did not like anything cooked in it so we did not use it. Then we visited a small bowling alley and looked at their kitchen. They cook their hamburgers in the quick and crispy and we tried doing a hamburger and they are a hit with our bowlers. We now have 2 quick n crispys and we can do 10 hamburgers at a time. We buy quarter pound burgers from the meat shop frozen. We put them in the quick n crispy still frozen and it takes about 10 mins. Before we cook them we sprinkle some seasoning on them. We also have an auto fry that we do french fries, chicken strips, etc. The auto fry is a self contained deep fryer.


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                Hi Howard
                We also have a Quick n Crispy, I have a question for you what brand of frozen hamburger do you use and are they pre cooked?


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                  Chris, we responded, we think. Did you get a response from us. Thanks.


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                    Howard, yes i did get your response thanks so much


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