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  • Snack Bar Supplies Vendors

    We are looking for options to purchase snack bar items like foam cups, plates, plastic utensils and cups. Does anyone know of any good vendors?
    We are just looking for serving supplies not actual food items. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    I don't know where you're at but national companies like Sysco would have everything, I have a local company that is the same .


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      We tried Sysco but they actually charge twice as much as the current vendor we are using.


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        US Foods supplies both food and serving supplies.

        Pollock supplies cups and related


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          Look around town and find a restaurant supply store or 'box' store.


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            SAMS CLUB


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              Ben E Keith for food stuffs (they also has serving stuffs), Sam's club for cleaning and serving supplies (a bit cheaper).

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