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    I want to run some kind of annual, weekly, or monthly tournament I hav few ideas like a 9pin sweeper,or8,9,10 tourney just curious what if any has worked a far as getting bowlers interested consistently
    the Petersen classic its on my bucket list, yup I'm a nerd

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    What about a number of point earning tournaments of different variety every month leading up to a big grand finale multi-type tournament (participation in at least 2/3 of the lead up tournaments or a win in 1 of them needed for eligibility for the finale). Each one is it's own tournament but a percentage of each entry fee going to the finale prize pool. That should keep interest over however long you want to run the lead up tournaments.


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      We have what we call "Cash Splash". Every Sunday night at 6pm. 3 Games $15. Anyone can join. Depending on the numbers of participants that join will determine the amount of prize money gets paid out on a weekly basis. Bowlers are welcome to come and go and do not have to play every week. The cash can be awarded based on anything plus it also gives the social players a chance to win over the higher ave players. Can range from: Most 9 Spares, Lowest Reversed Scratch Series, Highest Reversed Handicap Series, Least number of Spares, etc etc.

      Our game rate: $4 per game
      Prize fund: $3 per player.
      Handicap: 90% of 200. (or whichever you choose)

      For standing sheet purposes, set it up as League, singles format, 50 (start with 20 or so) team draw, every new player gets added into the "league". Easiest way to bring up onto the screens, is put up "social play" score grids. Bowlers may also choose which ever pair of lanes they wish to bowl on each week.


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        Originally posted by bigcountry View Post
        I want to run some kind of annual, weekly, or monthly tournament I hav few ideas like a 9pin sweeper,or8,9,10 tourney just curious what if any has worked a far as getting bowlers interested consistently
        Back in ""the day"" before I gave up management and decided to focus on maintenance I ran a tournament that ended up being a BIG success. It was a ""Bowler of the year"" tournament that ran from beginning of fall league to the end. Bowlers would pay $1.oo each league night they bowled in to qualify for monthly qualification that ensured they would be in the finals at year end. I broke the divisions down by WOMEN, Men, Seniors, Averages 130 and below.......131-150.......151-165......166-180.......181-200.....200+ Qualifying would be based on a SCRATCH series and there would be 5 qualifiers per month per division. Once qualified no re-entries are allowed. So........basically by year end there were 90 bowlers qualified for the finals. THE HOUSE WAS PACKED. The prize fun grew and grew over the season and EVERYONE was pleased with the outcome. was a lot of work for me keeping up with the BIG BOARD I displayed with the qualifiers for ALL to see but it was well worth the effort.


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