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Get kids involved with bowling?


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  • Get kids involved with bowling?

    Was wondering what others have done or are doing to reach the youth to get them into bowling?
    Around my are we are not allowed to interact with the schools so there are no school bowling program, we cannot promote on school ground or even put up flier.

    Currently we are trying to use facebook as a way to at least reach parents that might try bringing their kids in. Also, we are giving out free bowling coupons whenever there is a birthday party at the lanes.

    Its a trend that bowling is going downhill as far as youth in our area in all the local bowling centers

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    USBC is putting out the word that youth bowling is growing....SO, if you haven't contacted their youth department folks for ideas about how to get the information out to the community, that might be a place to start. I believe is their home site.


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