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Pin damage Xli edge.


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  • Pin damage Xli edge.

    All 20 pins show the same circle around the pinbelly. I can't find any pin pieces in the pinsetter. Anyone seen this before ?

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    Pins possibly hitting turret clutch would leave chips on top of the turret clutch. See Service Manual complaint 46 "Pins Damaged by Pinsetter". in troubleshooting section.


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      If this was a Brunswick machine it would be the pins tagging the spoons upon release. But I am pretty sure you have Amf machines, so look at the distributor when it sways from the 3 to 2 pin and see if the head pin is tagging the roller guide on the track assembly. You should see shavings in this area. Also check the pin wheel for burrs.


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        I would suspect a pincup would cause that type of damage. Also inspect the trip arm.
        If it can't be fixed with a hammer, try a bowling pin! They're heavier and more surface area for whacking!


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          Just to make sure : indeed the pinsetter is a QubicAMF Xli edge ---> no turret clutch and no pinwheel either. I will check the bin area.


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            oops sorry. Missed the AMF part. Saw the pin and I've seen it so many times I jumped the gun and assumed. You know what that means. Anyhow, won't happen again. Maybe.


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              Those damage scratches are caused by the shuttle straps. When pins are shuttled but not spotted they come back up in get scratched/dented by the sharp bottom edges of shuttle strap.
              We have rounded edges of 7/10 straps and moved forward other bin straps with Great Success.


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                we have the 90 xli, had a problem with cuts like that but were a little on an angle, found the problem was coming from one of the lacing pins were broke and bent up and if a pin would stall a little that lacing would catch the pin and cut it, took a long time to find the problem, good luck, hope this might help


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                  i have same issue but my machines are gsx 2014


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                    i think its hitting corner of metal bracket that pin shield is bolted to when pin comes down overflow shoot


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                      Check teeth on distributor belt lacing also


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                        The damage in the xli edge was caused by a broken bin strap at bin #6 that was cutting into the pin every time the shuttle moved. I also have the shuttle probably a little to much adjusted to the back, oops. Problem solved.


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