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Broken synthetic pins


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  • Broken synthetic pins

    Has anyone seen a broken synthetic pins? this is a first for me.

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    That’s a new one. Seen that with wood ones not twisters though.
    Might want to get ahold of the company that makes the pin.
    * this space left blank intentionally *


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      Yep, had same thing happen to a couple twisters, went back to amflite II after 1 year , for us it was too many sliding pins , and bowlers didn"t like the way they sounded , not to mention 4,9 pocket hits


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        Some years back there was a user who was having the same issue. Posted some (what I thought were) funny videos of what would happen when the machines used the broken pins. His employer, however, didn't see the humor.


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          We got Twisters about a year ago and we've already had 2 full boxes get warrantied for this issue. We still aren't 100% sure, but it looks like the pins' bounce makes them hit the lower-rear cross brace (GS-X). So far Classic has been quick to warranty these broken pin and since it's only happened to 20 pins in one year out of a 900-pin order hasn't been bad.


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