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Thumb hole damage!


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  • Thumb hole damage!

    Any ideas on this one guys?Click image for larger version

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    To me it looks like not enough Bevel especially as I can see track marks running over the Thumb Hole and cracking further out around the Thumb.

    always doing my best.


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      Further to this the ball needs to be drilled different to get the Bowler off the Thumb.

      always doing my best.


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        I'm with you Frank, to me it looks like not enough bevel on the thumb hole causing it to crack.
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          Aside from the damage to the thumb hole it appears there's some residual cracking all around the hole??? There does appear to be some beveling of the thumb hole and I don't really think that MORE beveling would have prevented what's happening here. Aside from "normal" track wear I would look to see if there's a significantly amount of more scratches around the thumb area. What this would indicate is that upon releasing the ball the bowler is virtually slamming the thumb hole onto the lane during his/her release. I've seen and dealt with this scenario on several occasions and informed the bowlers that the problem would continue until they started releasing the ball differently. With today's multi-layered balls and now as you can see...with the outer shells getting thinner......It doesn't take much force in the right place to cause a cover-stock/shell to crack.


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            Thanks guys. This is a bowler that is a good friend of the lanes. I let him bowl free as he is mentally challenged and loves to bowl. He just got this ball and had it drilled at another house that is somewhat of a competitor to ours. I want to help him out if it was our fault. He throws the ball (a 16lb) pretty far. I have to remind him to roll it. He bowls 20 games a day at least most days.

            Any suggestions on how to handle this one?

            Thanks for the tips. WE bought this old 16 lane house and have been renovating it. A lot of this is new to me.


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              I two have helped the mentally challenged thats loves to bowl.
              It may be hard to ask him to give up his ball for a few days
              [ but the smile on hes face will be worth it ]
              My advice is to Plug ball and re-drill using a thumb inserter

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