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  • HELP!!!!

    Im posting two pictures of someones ball that got badly damage. this problem has been happening for almost year now on a pair of my lanes. please if someone can point me in good direction id appreciate it. ive checked almost everything and im either missing it or its just that hard to find. and please don't tell me too find the ball shavings. at my center theres ball shavings everywhere you look so it doesn't help
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    The Fault Mechanic

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    all those scratches came in one night of bowling. league night. 3 games
    The Fault Mechanic


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      Had one like this was in inspection door on approach where underground ball track traditions to sure pic


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        ^ I had one like this where the approach finish dripped down on the track and will scratch the new balls. Cover up anything that looks bad with duck tape and see if the problem goes away. I rolled the ball through the machine and caught it on the down sweep to separate the machine from the under lane track and front return.(you need a new clean ball)


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          Budman im not sure what u mean. Could u take a picture
          The Fault Mechanic


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            Could it be a bent nail in your kickback plate?


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              foul light area too, anything upfront that has too long of a screw? I have found those by rolling a ball from the lift backwards toward the machines on the track


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                BALL stop by under the capping by foul unit


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                  Originally posted by wepauls View Post
                  BALL stop by under the capping by foul unit
                  i'm thinking same thing, get a flash light and see if you can find a pile of ball shavings under there anywhere. Ball accelerators shoot the balls back so fast these kinds of marks usually come from slamming into something up near powerlifts. I found a matchbox car hidden under a powerlift last week causing this kind of damage. Some kid really hid it well.
                  you know we don't allow managers back here....


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                    Worn C-Tracks will cause the ball to hit the corners of the ctrack frames when going from the bottom to the top tracks I usually grind off the edges when I change the tracks
                    Keep an eye on it see if it does it again


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                    phoenix lane machine we got from another of our centers
                    seems like pms were not done in a long time
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