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Bowling Ball On FIRE!


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  • Bowling Ball On FIRE!

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Name:	Ball on fire.jpg
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ID:	889019 Please be careful when putting your bowling ball in the oven. This is what happens when the rag you use to wipe the ball off is left in the oven and falls on the heating element catching the ball on fire!!!
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    Kustodian/C RBD Spray time on 4/ distance 24
    Max 20 Cleaner Infinity Oil

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    That'll sand out.
    I can't even spell Brunsw-ick anymore!!!


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      Its clearly the Mechanics fault.. :v
      So...if I stick my nose in a light socket, will I become enlightened?
      -Tire Iron


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        I showed this to one of our league bowlers and he had the idea of covering his track and burning a ball then have it sanded down and polished just for kicks
        Kustodian/C RBD Spray time on 4/ distance 24
        Max 20 Cleaner Infinity Oil


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          Would actually make a pretty cool ball design!


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            or ya know a bucket of hot water works to get the oil out too
            the Petersen classic its on my bucket list, yup I'm a nerd


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              too many revs on the ball and not enough oil to cool it down ..hahahaha
              im never wrong just askme


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