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  • Ball Damage

    Have a pair getting pretty constant ball damage, it won't happen for a week or two, then it will have three in one league setting . I've narrowed it down from trap door up through ball lift. We have frameworks power lifts, replaced retarders, transition track, all 4 c tracks, both tires-currently using go kart tire on top on blue foam tire on bottom-, replaced transition assemblies, made sure it's not hitting on the motor bolts. Most look like the small gauge on the purple ball, only a few have been as big as the black ball. Not sure where to go from here as I've replaced practically the whole power lift, any help would be greatly appreciated Click image for larger version

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    I've seen a T-bar come loose under the approach and slide over into the ball track area. A ball may knock it away for awhile before it vibrates back. (just a guess)


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      League is all around that pair until about 11 tonight, but I'll take a look before I leave, thanks for the advice


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        I know I'm being captain obvious here, but look for ball debris. From gutters to flat gutters, I've found nails and screws sticking out of kickbacks damaging balls, to broken ball track. Also check for any loose wiring that may get in the way of the ball path in the subway.

        Since it looks like you replaced all of the ball lift items up front, it might be time to pull all of the subway capping and get an upclose look at the track and everything around it if you already have not. Keep looking you'll find the culprit eventually.
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          the zone damage looks exactly like the damage that use to happen on 15&16 and 3&4. same conditions, only happens once in a while or not at all. it was 2 different problems that gave the same result. on 15&16 it was a nail that was sticking out in the underground right next to the track. the track itself was loose. removed the nail and have not had a problem since. 3&4 was a little different. it involved a nail, but the nail wasn't sticking out very far. it was the bundle of wires that came from the distribution board (vector scoring) the ball would have to come down that track rolling on it's holes to help the wires make the ball come off the track enough to hit the nail on the head. both causes made the same damage on the ball. hope this helps.
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