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  • Ball Damage

    Have a pair having occasional ball damage, have looked everywhere I can think of and it will still happen every few days or so. (not same lane as last post)
    So far I have checked all of the power lift, made sure its not hitting motor bolt, replaced C-tracks, both tires, transition track, retarders, checked entire underground, replaced white track as needed, checked gutters, flat gutters, kickbacks, checked for loose T-bars under lane, checked everything in the back, checked to make sure not hitting drop chute, have rubber caps on the cross conveyor bolts. I can't find any shavings anywhere, even though it has damaged about 20 balls so far.
    Any Ideas?
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    Make sure your Lift rods are centered to your ball wheel and check your Y-switch out closely. I've had very random ball damage on a pair when the ball transition from the track to the y-switch was sloppy. Ball ended up actually ended up hitting pit cushion mounts. It's something I would check if you already haven't Good luck

    Also check to make sure your Ball wheel guard isn't too high up.


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      On any given "even" lane, when the ball hits the top of the lift rods, it can have a tendency to "pop" the ball up on to the return track. Lighter balls do this quite easily. As the ball makes the turn towards the preference stop, it's actually riding the outer track rail. What prevents it from flying off is that it's bouncing off the cross conveyor axle.
      Look at the 7-side cross conveyor pulley end bolt. Should be a cap screw (P/N 11-005343-001). There's where you'll find shavings.

      An easy fix is to raise the track. Using some big washers and longer bolts. The idea is to make the ball's transition from the lift rods to the return track even. You don't want the ball to drop down off the lift rods on to the track. That causes acceleration. Just enough to make the ball over shoot the inner corner (that loop of bar next to the preference stop). If you watch the inner corner closely, you'll see it.
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        lift rods are centered and ball transition from rods is good on both lanes. I glanced at Y switch, I'll to Lake a closer next time I go in.
        Thanks for the input


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          Have 2 thoughts. It kind of looks like a screw. Check the screws in the board at the bottom of the downsweep cover. Many times I've looked at those and thought they were fine because they weren't sticking out. They were actually loose and when a ball would hit the strip it would push it in and bare the screw head. Also kinda looks like ball could be hitting edge of pinwheel at the top of the rods. I know you checked the rods but may be worth another look.


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            I've had similar marks from the PL motor mount after foam C tracks were installed on some lanes. We replace the PL motors with Fasco motors as they fail but they have a slightly larger footprint which resulted in occasion grazing from the footing as the ball started up the lower tracks. Because the motors are spring loaded they bounce slightly as heavier balls enter the lift which brings the foot close enough to touch the balls.

            Just a thought.
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              Ever solve your problem?
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                Originally posted by Jack_Sparrow View Post
                Ever solve your problem?
                It hasn't happened in quite awhile so i guess so, no idea which thing I changed stopped the damage, or if a ball ended up knocking it whatever it was out of the way, was never able to find any ball shavings


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