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Digital Copies of Brunswick MSRP Cats?


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  • Digital Copies of Brunswick MSRP Cats?

    Have they ever had a PDF version of the MSRP catalogs? I'm really interested in getting a hold of one to finish a project. Basically a couple of years ago I started to make an Access database myself, but seeing as how there is no digital cat available to people who aren't distributors.... I have to re-type the whole thing every year, and getting tired of it...

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Oil in gutters

I have a Kustodian ion Lane machine. I have recently replaced the oil tip assembly and hose. Recently I have been noticing about every couple feet in the gutters I am getting...

C1 Pinout drawing

Finished the C1 drawing.

The base for this came from a drawing made by Felix dated 2006.

Thanks Felix.

If you see any...

CCD Processor Move by Masternut

These are pictures submitted by "MASTERNUT" of a project in his bowling center where he moved his CCD processor boards from the location on the capping to the curtain...