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  • WINDOWS # 10

    Cumming soon ? 7/15/15 YAY OR NAY

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    If you've got Win7 you've probably got a little window icon at the bottom of your screen inviting you to "Get windows 10."

    On the basis that it's a completely unknown variable whether any of your existing software will work on it, I am strangely untempted by some random OS "free" from Microsoft.

    Right now, I think I'd rather go back to XP or even just switch to a completely different system for general usage and an older dedicated computer for my technical software (PCB design and software development.)


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      Windows 10 will be a free download from Microsoft if you're running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. It will be available for 1 year from its release date.

      That's the good part. The problems lie within your computer; which is the bad part. You may have to upgrade your RAM (not cheap) or hard drive (not cheap either). Then, there's the problems with your apps. Many won't run on Windows 10; especially if you're migrating them from XP. Windows 10 is a 64 bit operating system. Many (not all) Windows 7 machines are 32 bit; some are 64 bit.

      Putting Windows 10 on a computer that's over 3 years old would be like putting lipstick on a pig.

      Your best bet - buy a new computer with Windows 10 installed.

      (BTW: This thread belongs in the Non-Bowling or Computer forums.)


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        Linux runs on anything | jsebeny <--YouTube | Cell: 309-275-2453


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          Originally posted by JohnSebeny View Post
          Linux runs on anything
          Very true, John. In June, 2007, I bought an Asus netbook, which was running Windows XP SP3. When Microsoft quit supporting XP, I formatted the hard drive and did a clean install of Linux Mint. Just a few months ago, I removed the 120 gig mechanical hard drive and installed a 240 gig solid state hard drive, then reinstalled Linux Mint.

          For surfing the Internet (with the netbook), I loaded Google's Chrome web browser. When I logged into Chrome, all of my bookmarks from my Mac & Windows machines appeared in my netbook. Here's the kicker. Download and install WINE, which is a free download, and you can install and run most of the popular Windows apps. I can, also, make Skype video calls on my netbook.

          As for speed, the netbook is faster today than when it was brand out-of-the-box new. I didn't mean for this to be long and drawn out; but I really enjoy running Linux.


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            No Windows 10 for me, thanks. I'm quite happy with 7.

            I've even managed to avoid the little Windows 10 icon near my clock because I've done a clean install recently and didn't download the 2 "recommended" updates which puts it there.

            The original update was KB3035583 which I believe appeared in April (and, a lot of people thought it was a virus when the little Windows icon appeared near the clock a couple of months later).

            And, in a move which appears to show Microsoft's determination to get Windows 10 on as many people's computers as possible, a new "recommended" update appeared a couple of weeks back - KB2952664 for Windows 7 and KB2976978 for Windows 8(.1) which again puts the Windows 10 icon near the clock. I always have a good look at recommended updates now and wait a while before installing them. I also do a Macrium Reflect image before installing any Windows Updates these days (there's been a few 'bad' updates over the last few years which have caused havoc with a lot of computers).

            I even tried Windows 8.1 for a short time recently, didn't like it. Some people are actually saying Windows 10 should be renamed Windows 8.2.
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              Also, if you have Conqueror running on any computer that has the Windows 10 update indication, DO NOT UPDATE TO WINDOWS 10! Anyone wishing to run Conqueror on a Windows 10 computer will need to update to Conqueror v.11, which is not available yet.
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                I'm running 10 right now. It doesn't have problems except for some network issues, like it won't find my file server by itself. I have to point it (i.e. \\Server1\files) on my network.

                I also run a lot of in-house legacy software from 2003, it works perfect. They even fixed a lot of the problems with ODBC between the the 32 and 64 bit drivers. I use 2007 Office Pro plus (32bit) and it runs perfect.

                One thing to watch out for is a function that MS is including, wireless network password sharing between contacts if you don't default out (they hide the tick box). This is a major security issue with us and I will be locking this down when doing the install.

                It is very hardware picky, But I have managed to get it install on some machines that are 5-6 years old. Here's a good one, I have a newer machine that is about 1.5 years old, with 2 gig of memory. 2 gigs is required for 64 bit machines, 1 gig for 32 bit machines. Anyways, because of UEFI shared memory windows only see's 1.99 gig of memory and will not install because it's a 64 bit machine.

                Such is life !!!!!!!!!


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                    New versions of Windows are usually resource hogs designed to sell new computers. I knew a guy who installed Windows 95 on his 386 computer because it looked cool. And watching the little hourglass for 30 seconds every time he clicked the mouse was cool too. I installed Win 3.11 on a Pentium a few years after that and it was fast and never crashed. My advice would be to never upgrade to a Windows newer than the computer. Buying a new computer that is not going on the internet and installing XP should work nicely.


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                      When 8 came out I installed it on the bosses 6yo pc and didn't have a problem. Even ran Comscore no problem. Don't have a problem with 8.1 either. I expect the same effortlessness in 10.
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                        Originally posted by mr.badwrench View Post
                        Buying a new computer that is not going on the internet and installing XP should work nicely.
                        You bring up an interesting point. Running XP on a non-Internet machine is OK, and kind of cool. However, there is a way to put an XP machine safely on the Internet.

                        Here's how: Go into "Control Panel > User Accounts" and select "Create new account." Create an administrator account and attach a password. Once that's done, click OK and close all of the open windows.

                        Once you have set up an administer account, go into "Control Panel > User Accounts." This time you're going to create a guest account, just like before, except a password is not necessary. This is the account to use for surfing the Internet.

                        Why use the guest account? When you click on a website that may be infected with malware, the malware will not be able to install itself on your machine. Why? Because the malware doesn't know the administer's password. It won't matter what web browser you're using, malware won't install if you're running on your "Guest" account.

                        There are a couple of additional tricks that you can use, such as installing AdAware. I'm using it on Chrome. I have gone into "Settings>Privacy" and selected "Do not run Javascript." Most websites run Javascript for putting advertising on their webpages. To see how it's done, look at "Page Source" and you'll see how your web browser gets those pesky ads. On your web browser's address bar, on the far right side, you should see a rectangle with a red "X" in it. Right clicking on the rectangle brings up a menu. Select "Run Javascript on this webpage." Then the site will function normally, except for the lack of advertising.

                        Why is this functioning this way? Basically, what you have done is given that website permission to run normally in your browser; however, all other websites won't run, because they do not have permission. Therefore, no advertising websites will be seen, unless you go to them.

                        From what I have been learning is that Google's Chrome is quite possibly the most versatile web browser. It runs on and flavor of Windows, Apple's OS X, and most Linux distros. If I'm running my Linux Mint netbook, I'll sign into Chrome and get all of my bookmarks from all of my other machines; and in the same place on the screen. And AdAware is running on the netbook, which makes web surfing nice, fast and smooth.

                        This stuff is great.


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                          Been running Windows 10 for months now and it runs great. If you run windows 7, 8, or 8.1 It will run Windows 10 fine. I would suggest to upgrade your personal computers because it will be free for a year when it releases on the 29th. Before you upgrade you should get OneDrive and back up important file & pictures to it. OneDrive is an app that is integrated in windows 8 and will be in windows 10 plus after you get it set up it will backup whatever is saved into the OneDrive folder automatically.
                          I wouldn't upgrade essential computers in example business, POS, and that xp machine I would leave alone.


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                            A 64 bit machine will have, in the windows folder, show a 'program files X86', these are the 32 bit programs running on the 64 bit machine.

                            Although I'll not be of those jumping to Windows 10 until several months have passed after release, I'll look at the benefits/blogs/reviews and decide if it's worth it.
                            And to SVL's comments, I'll have ConquerorPro Training version on my 8.1 machine, and will be anxious to see how the programmers handle the migration.
                            This post is not an unpaid promotion of my business.


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                              upgrading the hardware in your computer is only expensive on a laptop. If you wait years between upgrades on a desktop the power you get has at least doubled for the price you paid before.

                              Personally I'm going to get my "free" win10 and use 7 as long as possible, I don't trust the bleeding edge (still haunted by the mistake of buying windows Vista on release day) but 7 was great from the get go and just kept getting better.

                              The thing I'm not sure I like is what they are going to do with office, the new version is a monthly or yearly subscription and I wouldn't be surprised at all if conveniently win10 only supported that version of office.
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