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    1000 Megs=1 GB
    I really enjoy the Simpsons. My problem is that I am starting to look like Homer. Doh!!!


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        Originally posted by wepauls View Post
        A lot depends on the device. With hard drives 1 gig = 1024 megs; however, part of those 1024 megs is used for the drive's firmware. In some cases, a 1 gig HD may only have 988 megs available.

        Saying 1000 megs = 1 gig is the accepted average.

        Another accepted average is 1 terabyte = 1000 gigs.


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          You sound like Microsoft.

          In binary: 1024MB =1Gig

          If you wish to discuss the value of 1 Gig, OK!


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            Just want to add more gigs two my sisteem
            have 2 750 mag and 2 500 mag boards my pc has room for some
            OR do i just and get 4 GIG THUMB DRIVE
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              Originally posted by wepauls View Post
              Just want to add more gigs two my sisteem
              Bill, there's a big difference between RAM and a thumb drive. My suggestion: trade in the 750 & 500 meg RAM boards for four 1 gig RAM boards. Just because you have room doesn't mean that you should fill. Make sure all of the RAM is matched. The computer will run smoother.

              The difference between RAM and a thumb drive is like the difference between night and day. Your computer uses RAM to run programs and applications. If your video and/or audio boards or circuits aren't up to snuff, your computer will use RAM for a boost.

              A thumb drive is for transferring data (photos, videos and/or audio data) between computers. It's not the same as RAM.


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                If your computer is running slow find the system monitor and see if the RAM is full or the processor is slow. Adding RAM will only help if RAM is the problem. You will need to use the system monitor while running the program that slows the system. Have you run a defrag on the hard drive? Is the hard drive over 90% full? A fragmented or overfull hard drive can slow the system.


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                  As far as drive goes, solid state is the way to go.
                  I'm going fishing and camping!


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                    Originally posted by PJ View Post
                    As far as drive goes, solid state is the way to go.
                    I agree. Newegg has 150 gig solid state drives for under $80.

                    A word of caution - DO NOT format a SSD. Formatting SSDs destroys the drive.


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                      Easy way to explain RAM is that it is a computers short term storage kind of like our short term memory things like flash drives, hard drives, and camera memory cards are for long term storage.

                      Now I believe you are talking Hard drives because ram uses numbers like 256, 512, Meg and 1,2,4,8 Gig.
                      If you know your brand and model number of your computer I can point you in the right direction of what type of drive you need.


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                        also for a fun tool tip microsoft windows reports drive sizes in mebibytes and gibibytes. which is why the drive size never matches what windows says.


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