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  • Machine call analysis

    I have developed a tool to graphically display machine calls by machine and date. This permits one to instantly review a machine call history and view the occurrence of specific call types over time. Hence, one to easily view trends in machine operation and failure over time that may be missed when viewing trouble calls on one or many call sheets that are organized by date.

    My question is since I have a large amount of data what other viewing methods could be added that would assist in the troubleshooting of these machine calls and speed up the repair process?
    For one example I've created a simple window showing what machines are having the most problems over a specific period of time. I've included a few more to give one an idea of what I've done with the data. The images are presented to the user on a web page that permits one to drill down into the data represented in the graph by clicking on the bar or pie chart area to get the specific call data for that machine or machines.

    Presently it appears I can not upload the images from the web page directly into this post so these links should provide one to view them by clicking on the Google drive links provided.

    Thank you for your time and input.

    Greg Daughenbaugh
    Brunswick A-2 machines

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    I don't know...just so long the data can be sorted or prioritized based on user inputs (lane number or call ID etc) which it looks like you have already set up, having it all in one excel macro should work. This is one of those subjects that is so much based on personal preferences it's hard to pin down.
    On the second image, it appears to me that various lanes are grouped to give the viewer certain hand signals...are those real numbers or just made up data that is causing that?

    Right now, I have an excel sheet to input the number of calls for each lane and subject. Along with that, there are a couple of narrative/event docs that I use to reference back and forth as needed. I use simple graph stuff for frame counts in a separate folder.


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      I was using Kegels Tracker program on my laptop to keep a running total of calls going. Have like 6 years worth of calls in the main database. I bought a new computer with Windows 10 on it and tracker doesnt work with windows 10 (though they said it should)
      So I assume this is some kind of program you have written??

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        After taking another look at that particular bar graph, I now see what you mean by various hand signals. No, the data is real and it just so happened to display the data in those patterns. If you take a look at the third image it shows the same data along with blackouts and ball returns. I'm not a real big fan of Microsoft products though I have used them extensively in the past. Excel as a tool to display call tracking is very powerful in its ability to create graphs and organize data. Regardless of the method, what I was really looking for is how experienced mechanics would like to have the call data organized which would be most helpful. It is very easy to only look at the problem from one point of view and having more experienced eyes looking at the same information can lead to insights that would be overlooked otherwise.

        It appears now I can upload images but I have to go and get some other things done and get off this computer! Once I get the web page up and running I can show everyone what I am working on and get additional feedback.

        Thanks for your reply.



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          I looked into that Kegels Tracker program and it looks really good! I like the idea of the pagers for communication. We use Motorola radios which are far better than an intercom system, but they still have drawbacks as well. Perhaps you can send me the last year of your call data and what you have done with it sometime, and I can better show you what I am striving for in call analysis. In fact one option I am looking to implement is the ability of uploading your own spreadsheet into the web program. I have put it on the back burner till now but perhaps I can revive it with your input.

          Thanks for your advice.



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            what are you using to track your data?
            When you know what to do, everything is easy.


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              Presently calls are entered by a self built web page. The call data is stored in a flat file database called MongoDB. The above mentioned web page interfaces with this database to display the call data, however the user wishes to display it.

     (Google shared image of Web page for Call entry)

              Click image for larger version

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                Has anyone found a free computer program that we can track our trouble calls? I have not been able to find keel tracker


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