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Need tips on organizing parts.


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  • Need tips on organizing parts.

    Hi there. I'm a mechanic at a couple month old 17 lane (yeah I know) family entertainment center. We've got decent amounts of storage, but I need some advice on how to go about storing pinsetter parts. Currently they're all in bags and boxes and haven't even been really sorted out yet.

    What sorts of methods do you fellows use to store your stuff? More specifically, the niche stuff like partially assembled spotting yokes and what have you.

    If you use part bins, how do you label them? part numbers? for the washers and bolts and whatnot, dimensions? what they're primarily used on? some combination of all of that?

    I'd like to plan out some sort of system. Digging through boxes and bags is simply not cutting it when something breaks or falls off with a full house and the clock is ticking.

    Maybe some pictures of what you guys do, for some inspiration?


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    We use 3 different sized parts bins/drawers. All are arranged by sub-assemblies. (Table, Sweep, bin, pit etc.) So everyone knows where to look for parts when they need them. Cuz if they are looking for a small part it will always be in the small parts drawers and never in the large parts bins. All hardware and brass bearings are in the separate bank of drawers cuz they are used everywhere on the machine
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      Yeah that's along the lines of what I was thinking of doing. How many bins are each of your sections, roughly?


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        Try a search. I know of several good threads in the topic.

        Here one, but there are many more.
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          I know your center and I believe you have XLi EDGE machines.

          I'll PM you.


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            Thanks for the help, all! I've definitely got a plan now.

            Much appreciated.


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              We use bins, drawers and shelving. Bins are hung on the wall and organized by assemblies. Whole assemblies or even partial assemblies are hung on the walls (PBL, sweep pantographs, table yoke, bounce plates, etc...) the more you can hang and get up off the floor or leaning against walls also helps makes things look more organized. Shelves are also organized by machine sections with a few prebuilt things scattered around like Table Eccentrics, shuttle rods, bin tubes (ready to go and labeled for easy pickings). Rebuilt parts or assemblies are labeled with the rebuild date and initials of the mech on shipping tags (like the ones that come on parts when you receive them for quality and accountability).


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                Wow, this was an old thread! I thought it said 2016! Sorry for bumping up this thread all!


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