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Jerry Smith
12-11-2005, 10:28 PM
Has anyone or will anyone put together the different error codes with possible remedys? I am now servicing two houses with Qubica and could use all the help I can get!
Thanks Guys!!

12-13-2005, 02:12 AM
This is from an older post... bpm posted the original:

VDB. Error List
The following errors are all displayed on monitors during the start-up test except for Runtime
Errors, which are displayed when game is in progress. Updated versions of LoadPrg and GamePrg
may also have other error codes but the meaning of the following error codes is always the same.
Error list for LoadPrg 4.0:
Error Number: Meaning:
Error 1 Program check Fail (1)
Error 2 Program check Fail (1)
Error 3 Program check Fail (1)
Error 4 Program check Fail (1)
Error 5 Program check Fail (1)
Error list for GamePrg 4.2e:
Test TV Error Number: Meaning:
Error 200 No communication with TVision (2)
Error 200/1 Unexpected communication character (2)
Error 200/2 Wrong character communicating with Tvision (2)
Error 200/3 TVision seems okay (2)
Error 200/4 Six seems okay (2)
Error 200/5 Six communication fail (2)
Error 201 Wrong char on Tele.Bin file (1)
Error 202 TVision communication failure (3)
Error 203 Camera Fail Check. If there is a camera on each lane,
the problem is with the camera of the Left lane (4)
Error 204 Check Camera Lane Right Fail (4)
Error 205 TVision communication failure (3)
Error 206 Wrong header on Tele.Bin file (1)
Error 207 Impossible to communicate with PSi (5)
Error 208 Impossible to communicate with F-Box (6)
Error 209 Old F-Box version (Version 1.0) (7)
Error 210 T-Vision hardware not compatible (8)
Error 220 Program check Fail (1)
Error 221 Program check Fail (1)
Error 222 VDB Hardware Fail
Error 223 Program check Fail (1)
Error 224 VDB Hardware Fail
Error 225 HiMem fail (3)
Error 226 Alone fail (10)
Error 227 VDB Hardware Fail
Error 228 Program check Fail (1)
Error 229 Software configuration not valid (8)
Error 230 Bad Q-View file Check (11)
Error 231 VDB98 Hardware Fail
Error 232 Bad Q-Surf file Check (11)
Struct Error Number Meaning:
Error 240 Wrong size of data files(1)
Error 241 Data files check fails (1)
Error 242 File maschera.bin missing
KbdData Error Number: Meaning:
Error 250 Wrong size of keyboard files (1)
Error 251 Keyboard files check fail (1)
Runtime Error Number: Meaning:
Error 1000 Internal error (8)
Error 1001 Wrong LCOM data format (8)
Error 1002 Bowler terminal board is connected to the LCOM line
but the program on VDB is not configured to use it (9)
Error 1003 Keyboard buffer full (8)
Error 1004 Internal error (8)
Error 1005 Internal error (8)
Error 1006 Internal error (8)
Error 1007 The front desk is opening a lane in bowler keyboard
mode but the lane is not configured to use it (9)
Error 1008 Stack overflow (8)
Error 1009 Internal error (8)
Error 1010 LCOM data error (8)
Error 1011 PSi data format error (8)
Error 1012 Error on received League data (8)
Error 1013 Wrong League Handicap mode (8)
Error 1014 Divide by 0 (8)
Error 1015 Heap request error (8)
Error 211 Fbox strike time not valid
Error 1016 Code size error (8)
Error 1017 Wrong Animation command (8)
Error 1018 Missing Animation Picture (8)
Error 1019 Animation internal error (8)
Error 1020 Missing Animation Picture (8)
Error 1021 Animation internal error (8)
Error 1022 Animation internal error (8)
Error 1023 Animation internal error (8)
Error 1024 Animation internal error (8)
Error 1025 Missing Animation Sound (8)
Error 1026 HxHeap request error (8)
Error 1027 HxHeap init error (8)
Error 1028 Heap init error (8)
Error 1029 Lucky Draw internal error (8)
Error 1030 Sound internal error (8)
Error 1031 Internal error (8)
Error 1032 Internal error (8)
Error 1033 VDB Alone Hardware Fail
Error 1034 VDB Alone Hardware Fail
Error 1035 Video Mode internal error (8)
Error 1036 31K internal error (8)
Error 1037 Internal error (8)
Error 1038 Internal error (8)
Error 1039 Internal error (8)
Error 1040 Internal error (8)
Error 1041 Internal error (8)
Error 1042 Internal error (8)
Error 1043 Internal error (8)
(1) Error checking the program/data in Battery Backupped Ram: Reload the program on the
(2) LCOM communication failure: the VDB is not able to communicate properly with the
TVision board. Wiring problem or defection of one of the LCOM devices.
(3) Unusual kind of problem; retry by switching the VDB off and on again.
(4) The TVision board is not able to work with the camera. The problem is usually in the wiring
between the TVision board and the Camera.
(5) The lane configuration needs the presence of a PSi box (String machine ad Gs## interface)
but it is impossible to communicate with it.
If the PSi is properly installed, the cause should be a wiring problem or a defection of one of
the LCOM devices.
(6) The lane configuration needs an F-Box (Enhanced pinsetter interface) but it is impossible to
communicate with it.
(7) The microprocessor on the F-Box is an old version, and the lane cannot be configured to
handle the strike signal.
(8) Internal errors should be made known to Qubica. To restart the program switch the VDB off
and on again.
(9) Is the front desk program configured to use the bowler keyboard?
Check this condition and reload the programs on the VDB.
(10) To remove the error, set a valid VDB address.

12-13-2005, 04:13 AM
NOTE................the above error numbers in the post above are for conqueror version only...........they are 100% incompatible with the Australian version and possibly other countries without conqueror.


12-13-2005, 12:49 PM
What does Australian control desk use? Is
it similar to Conqueror Version?

Jerry Smith
12-13-2005, 12:58 PM
Thank you for all the info!! As luck would have it, the systems I service are both Conqueror!
G-Man - your a life saver!

12-13-2005, 03:51 PM
These are errors for the VDB's ( lane computers ), the front desk software has nothing to do with these errors. They are all VDB related. These errors are not valid for RDB's ( BES system )


12-13-2005, 07:41 PM
Thanks bpm... both for the original post, and the info... I forgot to mention that.

Jimmy Jam
12-13-2005, 10:01 PM
Comprehensive manuals are on the front desk computers. At least on the one I got.

12-14-2005, 03:36 AM
No probs G, info is here to share!


12-14-2005, 05:31 AM
Woody, I forget the name of the Aussie command system but BES rings a bell.

I'm no wizz on the qubica system but I do know that after I printed out all the error numbers and their corresponding faults which was posted in this forum by 1 of the Qubica tech's, that none of the info was revelant to my system, whether it be the VDB or a front desk error.


01-11-2006, 10:02 PM
Last week I had the Tvision error #200 at the time was having the tile under the keypad pedistall replaced and vdb for lanes 3 and 4 game up with this error I found that the tile guy had pinched the blue com wire under the pedistall .