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    Getting new Sport edition Kegek machine!

    That's right! I'm getting a new Kegel ION/ Walker Sport. Not sure yet which one, cause the PO from corporate doesn't say. I need a fairly easy house pattern suggestion to start off with. I don't normally ask for help with lane patterns, but it's been several years since I've been around a Kegel machine. and some of the new features are things I've never had to work with before. I've been using the QAMF/Century Summit-S for the last 5 years, and I really can't translate that to the new machine. Plus I'm switching from Reactor ML to Prodigy. I have HPL Lanes, and will continue to use Formula ACC mixed 4:1 as a lane cleaner(for now).

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    Are you trying to make us jealous well you did the best of luck

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    Since you are making the change, I would start with one of the easier Kegel patterns that is the same distance you are going now and start there. Is someone coming to install the machine or is it just being dropped at the door? You installer should know the patterns. The 4 to 1 cleaner ratio can probably be cut back with prodigy, save yourself a bit.

    Marty - Pro Bowl West
    56 Jap A-2's Qubica VDB's
    2 Kustodian Walkers

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    60mic stream
    RBD 35'
    Volume 18.48
    2-2 2 14
    8-8 1 14
    10-10 3 14
    11-11 2 18
    12-12 3 18
    2-2 0 22 22-42'

    2-2 0 30 42-23
    13-13 1 22
    11-11 1 18
    9-9 1 18
    2-2 0 18 14-0

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    Boy are you going to LOVE this new toy!!!
    70's MP/PBL/LBS,Q-Score
    Prolane Walker sport

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    I Called Kegel today and confirmed that it was a walker they were building for us! It's scheduled to be completed by the end of the month, and delivered the first part of June! I am looking forward to having the ability to do ALL Team USA, PBA, Navigate patterns, or whatever any tournament might request. I am also looking forward to the ability to enhance our PM schedule. Because this machine can maneuver lane to lane unassisted the technician on duty can preform other tasks simultaneously. I takes 2 hours every shift to run our 50 lanes. We run them twice a day. I know I can get a lot done in those 4 hours!

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    It takes me 2.5 house with an ION sport on 80 lanes. A walker would never work at this center. We have to bounce around too much.

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    It's here! I wanted to just fill it and go, but we must wait for the official install. I am really jazzed about having a walker. I remember the last center I worked at that had a sanction machine. one of the comments I herd many times over was how concistant the lane conditions were.

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    If you thought they were consistent before just wait....I dont know how but they are! Your install person will set the machine will check all of the necessary things like brush crush, duster drop lane caster width how many lanes and so much more.Much like a new car,things that you would not want to be bombarded with all at once Then the machine must be told lane to lane measurements and show you a boat load of info to keep your toy happily rolling along THEN the machine will take its maiden voyage of going across the house "learning" its new surroundings of lane to lane measurements with every bump of the whiskers. Then the Doctor will give you the Enjoy your new friend Mike it wont take long to love it
    70's MP/PBL/LBS,Q-Score
    Prolane Walker sport

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    When my first walker got here, it took the installer 20 minutes to figure out how to turn the machine ON !!! (didnt realize we had to hold the button down for a few seconds)

    Marty - Pro Bowl West
    56 Jap A-2's Qubica VDB's
    2 Kustodian Walkers


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