Registration Help


Why Was I Declined?


Here are some possible reasons -

* You may have left to many fields blank or with N/A in them.

* You may have used a login name that is invalid or does not fit within Bowl-Tech guidelines.

* You may have filled in fields with invalid or vague responses.

The most important thing to remember when filling out the membership form is that we need to know why you are here and if fields are not filled in we don't know why and will most likely decline membership.

Bowl-Tech requires membership to access certain community only forums, these are reserved for those who service the bowling industry or special groups that have an interest in the equipment for technical, engineering, or hobby reasons or are proprietors, management or pro shop operators.

If you do not wish to tell us who you are? or what your interest is in the industry? please do not apply.

If you are unsure why your membership was declined click the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page and ask for assistance. Please be sure to tell us who you are and what your interest is in our community.

Why So Many Questions?


This is done in an effort to determine that you belong here and are a part of our industry.

Information collected such as your e-mail address IS NOT SHARED. It is used strictly for Bowl-Tech Site Business. Equipment information is collected to allow other members to see what equipment you may have or work on so when you ask questions others can offer you advice that is directed toward your equipment speeding up the process of getting helpful information. It also allows you to see others who may have the same equipment that you do.

For those of you who are Proprietors, Owners, Managers, Suppliers to the industry, Pro Shops or a Special Group such as the Small Scale Bowling equipment groups please indicate your interest in your interests field and pro shops should include their business name in the Center or Business name field.

The Bowl-Tech community is relatively free of spam. One of the reason for this are the many questions we do ask during the registration process. This helps us determine if a potential member really is part of the industry.

If your profile is out of date you can click Your Name in the upper right hand corner of the screen and then click My Profile.

We do appreciate your understanding and hope you appreciate the spam free community.

If you have any questions you many contact us by click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of every page.