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Bowl-Tech Advertising Options

Banner Advertising;

  • Banners of different sizes and types site wide.
  • Banners in specific forum topics.
  • Mobile browser banners.

Sponsored Forums;

  • Have your own forum on Bowl-Tech
  • Post what you want, specials, new products or company news.
  • Manage your own forum.


Bowl-Tech is a great way to directly target the maintenance and management persons who operate bowling centers all over the world.


We have very reasonable banner advertising prices.

Ask us how you can become more involved in the Bowl-Tech community and how you can help members, we can work together to improve your communication with the industry and the persons who are making the purchasing decisions in the bowling centers.

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See some banner size options below.


Classic Banner


Any Size up to 728 x 90 Pixels

Adspeed Classic


Mobile Banners


320 x 100 Pixels

Tower Banner


300 x 600 pixels

Square Banner


250 x 250 Pixels