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  • Holler House Bowling - Milwaukee WI

    Holler House Bowling - Milwaukee WI

    This is worth a look.

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  • A2 Gearbox Stand

    A2 Gearbox Stand

    This one I did make from some pinsetter frame parts, and a junk pit frame (you only need so many frame parts!)

    If you don't have access to these types of materials, I would go with wood rather than a pvc pipe. I don't think the pvc would be strong enough to support the gearbox. You could use a 2 x 4 (or two 2x4s screwed together) with bolts sticking out of it upwards for the 2 feet of the gearbox housing and the 4:1 bracket.....
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  • Gearbox rebuild

    Gearbox rebuild

    Figured id share some pictures of a gearbox build i did...

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  • 3/4 Length lane

    3/4 Length lane

    Definitely share with us what you have done!

    Here is my lane:...
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  • Settings on Kegel Flex

    Settings on Kegel Flex

    By Ross Gibson

    Kegel sent out some information in September telling customers to change the settings on the charger. They have seen occasional glitches where the battery isn't getting charged. They worked with the battery manufacturer on new setting for the charger using the Calcium/custom setting. Below is a video I did for my customers to help make the change. If you need more info you should give Kegel a call.

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  • Power Plug Melt Down

    Power Plug Melt Down

    Main Power plug on 82-70 120v. been smelling something hot... for a few weeks,,, it finally showed up Thursday, I Replaced the plug and socket with new it's been running for a few days now fine. Question is I noticed today the new plug has that same burnt smell going on. Plug socket looks ok but I'm afraid there may be another issue. Anyone seen this before ? Just afraid of another melt down and if I should be checking something else on the machine ? Thanks for any help....
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  • Peristaltic pump settings (Ross Gibson)

    Peristaltic pump settings (Ross Gibson)

    This is a quick reference to know what your cleaner out put should be on your K+, ION, or Walker. Ross explains it well....
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  • Blue A2 Rebuild

    Blue A2 Rebuild

    A few more pics of the machines being installed.

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