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Electrical Issue, Solution Found, but thought I'd share


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  • Electrical Issue, Solution Found, but thought I'd share


    Had an interesting problem to say the least. Lane 21 decided to blackout. Had a look, no jams, switches all ok, fuses fine, checked main circuit breakers, it had tripped. No worries, flick it back, run the machine, all ok. 20 mins later same thing.
    So i started to have a look at a few things. Cycle the machine from the reset button, fine, tried it on 2nd ball, fine. Try again, all good. Try via rake drop, no worries, try on 2nd ball, tripped the breaker. Ok, try again, sure enough, 2nd ball with rake fall bang, trips the breaker.
    Alright, was thinking there might be a short in the microswitch, so move the wires across to the spare switch from the old scoring system, no different, same thing.
    I then look down, see the time delay unit, no mounting bolts, and it had some of the double adaptor spade fittings on it. took a look on the inside of the control box cover, and sure enough there were some marke corrisponding to it. Great, found the issue, fix it up, mount it, no worries. try it out, 5 cycles, works fine.
    Get into work today, happened again last night, and was happening again this morning. Great, just what i need.
    Tried a new time delay, still no luck. Check all the wiring, all fine.
    Ok, so now i unplugged the motor, dropped the rake and tripped the rake switch till it happened. Didn't take long!! Alright, so from there i moved to the time delay and the relay in there. Closed the relay and instantly it tripped the breaker.
    Ok, so from here i thought it could only be the wiring from the TDU to the soleniod. Figure, i'll change the solenoid for the hell of it. Plunger look a little ordinary, but nothing i haven't seen before, holes were still round. Solenoid was still bright and everything looked ok. Changed it out, new plunger, tested it. All ok. No breaker trips after about 80 cycles. Brilliant.
    Back to the workshop, had a look at the solenoid. As i mentioned, all still looked really good, but on closer inspection, it must have been mounted slightly angled as the plunger opening was slightly oval shaped and the insulation inside the soleniod where the plunger goes, after cleaning it, showed a tiny little hole through to the coil. Guessing the plunger was shorting against this.
    It was just really strange that when i was investigating the original issue, it would only trip on 2nd ball when triggered by the rake switch......
    But after 14 years on these, i guess it shouldn't surprise me either!!!!!

    • Al Czervik
      Al Czervik commented
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      Originally posted by Steve Stafford (JBEES) View Post
      Electricity is not something to be "scared" of...but to respect it is paramount. Your body runs on electricity and without would not be alive.
      I do respect electricity greatly, because it scares the crap out of me... Its one thing that i do always try and keep on top of, and that is knowing what i am dealing with, before i deal with it. I guess you could look at and say that it isn't a scare factor, but more the knowlege of what it can do when not treated with respect that keeps me on my toes and makes sure that what i do is safe above all else..

    • Steve Stafford (JBEES)
      Steve Stafford (JBEES) commented
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      I think I see what you are saying. You respect electricity because you are scared of what it can do to you. Is that close?

    • Al Czervik
      Al Czervik commented
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      Originally posted by Steve Stafford (JBEES) View Post
      I think I see what you are saying. You respect electricity because you are scared of what it can do to you. Is that close?
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