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Bowl-Tech Polls
Current and completed Bowl-Tech member polls.
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Industry, Bowl-Tech News plus Discussion
Industry & Bowl-Tech News and Discussion
Bowling industry topics of interest, Bowl-Tech news and industry news discussion. Topics are moderated with open discussion or comments on each.
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52 403
Mr. Blister
Equipment Safety and Technical Training
Mechanical and Technical Training
Pinsetters, Scorer Systems, Ball drilling and other technical training classes, seminars and webinars.
Topics: 102 Posts: 213
Last Post: Consultant
102 213
by 85_3car
Bowling Center Customer and Maintenance safety discussion.
Topics: 207 Posts: 3,093
Last Post: My saying is....
207 3,093
by Headpin
Help Wanted Help Wanted, this forum is for Bowling related career oportunites.
Topics: 139 Posts: 140
139 140
Employment Wanted This forum is for person seeking work in the bowling industry.
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Last Post: Manager
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Parts and Services Wanted
Wanted Items or Services Classified Ad Section, Parts, Supplies, Bowling Centers, Pro Shops. Any members can post any items here. Centers and Suppliers.
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Parts for Sale or Trade
For Sale or Trade Classified Ad Section, Parts, Supplies, Bowling Centers, Pro Shops. Any members can post any items here. Centers and Suppliers.
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159 160
by don805
Techs For Hire
Bowling Techs offering technical assistance and PM services.
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Lane Maintenance and Lane Equipment Forums
Bumper Bowling Equipment
Discussion of Bumper Bowling Gutters and Related Equipment
Topics: 270 Posts: 1,666
270 1,666
Lane Maintenance
Discussion of Lanes, Maintenance and lane equipment.
Topics: 3,745 Posts: 33,293
Last Post: Underlane Stop
3,745 33,293
by Headpin
Lane Conditioning and Cleaning Machines Maintenance
Discussion of lane conditioning machines maintenance.
Topics: 1,790 Posts: 13,125
1,790 13,125
Lane Machine Programs & Pattern Discussion
Discussion of lane machine programs and patterns.
Topics: 1,567 Posts: 12,228
1,567 12,228
Brunswick Lane Conditioning Machines and Patterns
The Brunswick Authority 22, Envoy and Max Lane Machines maintenance and Pattern Discussion.
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157 852
Pinsetting and Pinspotting Equipment
AMF 82-30 Pinspotters
Discussion of AMF 82-30 Pinspotters
Topics: 1,428 Posts: 12,812
1,428 12,812
AMF Pinspotters 82/70 Through XLi EDGE
Discussion of AMF Pinspotter models 82/70 Through XLi EDGE
Topics: 9,159 Posts: 108,042
9,159 108,042
Pinsetters Brunswick A-A2
Discussion of Brunswick Pinsetting Equipment
Topics: 10,962 Posts: 121,435
10,962 121,435
Brunswick GS Pinsetters
Brunswick GS Pinsetter discussion
Topics: 2,616 Posts: 20,059
2,616 20,059
String Pinsetters
Discussion on all types of String Machines Pinsetters
Topics: 38 Posts: 465
38 465
Candlepin / Bowl-mor
Candlepin / Bowl-Mor Discussion
Topics: 88 Posts: 856
88 856
Duckpin Bowling and Pinsetters
Duckpin Bowling & Pinsetters Discussion
Topics: 13 Posts: 105
13 105
Other Pinsetting Equipment
Pinsetting equipment other than Brunswick or AMF
Topics: 226 Posts: 1,981
Last Post: Appraisal
226 1,981
Other Bowling Center Equipment Forums
Bowling Pins
Discussions on pin maintenance
Topics: 354 Posts: 3,847
Last Post: Brunswick Max Life
354 3,847
Effect Lighting and Music
Effect lighting and Music for in center entertainment
Topics: 235 Posts: 1,834
235 1,834
Games and Vending
Discussion of maintenance and other issues related to arcade machines and vending equipment.
Topics: 84 Posts: 576
Last Post: Intercard
84 576
HVAC and Refrigeration
Maintenance of Heating Air Conditioning and Refrigeration and Air Quality equipment in Bowling Centers
Topics: 76 Posts: 542
76 542
Electrical and Electronics Discussion
Discussion of Electrical and other equipment electronics in the bowling center
Topics: 498 Posts: 3,235
498 3,235
Other Bowling Equipment
Discussion of other bowling related equipment and other pinsetting or pinspotting equipment.
Topics: 646 Posts: 3,780
Last Post: Please help
646 3,780
Automatic Scoring Systems Forums
AMF Legacy Scoring Systems Discussion
Legacy AMF scoring and related systems discussion
Topics: 2,018 Posts: 13,601
2,018 13,601
Brunswick Scoring Systems Discussion
Discussion of Brunswick scoring systems and related equipemnt
Topics: 3,139 Posts: 16,968
3,139 16,968
Qubica, QAMF Scoring Systems Discussion
Discussion of Qubica, QAMF scoring systems and related equipment
Topics: 1,523 Posts: 10,252
Last Post: ticking time bomb?
1,523 10,252
Mr. Blister
Steltronic Scoring System
Steltronic Scoring Systems Discussion.
Topics: 212 Posts: 1,141
Last Post: Super Elex IP#
212 1,141
by tomo-p
Twelve Strike (XIIX)
Discussion of the Twelve Strike (XIIX) Scoring System
Topics: 28 Posts: 131
Last Post: Connection problem
28 131
Computer Score / Vantech Scoring
Computer Score formerly Vantech Scorer systems discussion
Topics: 225 Posts: 1,492
Last Post: Brunswick Pins
225 1,492
B0SS Tech
Other Scoring Systems Discussion
Scoring systems discussion and other scoring systems not covered by above forums
Topics: 259 Posts: 1,389
259 1,389
Member Memorial
Bowl-Tech Member Memorial
Bowl-Tech member memorial page.
Topics: 16 Posts: 16
16 16
Remembering Our Lost Friends
In these threads we have said goodbye to our lost friends.
Topics: 19 Posts: 627
19 627
Mike Wilson
Small Scale Bowling
Small Scale Bowling
Small Scale or Mini Bowling Lanes and equipment discussion
Topics: 273 Posts: 4,393
273 4,393
Pro Shop
Pro Shop Discussion
Discussion of Pro Shop drilling procedures and techniques.
Topics: 899 Posts: 6,787
899 6,787
by willey
The Work Shop
Computers and Software
General computer discussion, shop computers, inventory, frames per stop, software and hardware.
Topics: 120 Posts: 864
120 864
Bowling Ball / Pin Damage Help
Looking for help on some ball or pin damage or have a solution to share. Upload your pic here.
Topics: 33 Posts: 365
33 365
Tools of the Trade
Tools of the Trade
Topics: 115 Posts: 1,282
Last Post: Deck Height Gauge
115 1,282
The Front End
Marketing / Promotions
Discussion of Marketing / Promotional ideas for bowling centers, leagues, tournaments, specials and what ever tools you may use to sell bowling.
Topics: 165 Posts: 1,017
165 1,017
Food and Beverage
Discussion forum for Food and Beverage services and management
Topics: 21 Posts: 183
Last Post: Grill dying
21 183
Kanga (James)
Bowling Leagues
Discuss your successes or problems with leagues, and discussion of league issues.
Topics: 112 Posts: 768
112 768
Back Office and League Record Software
Discussion of back office systems and league records software
Topics: 81 Posts: 385
81 385
Welcome to Bowl-Tech
Bowl-Tech User Guide
Instructions for Bowl-Tech site usage.
Topics: 18 Posts: 19
18 19
Mike Wilson
Bowl-Tech Community News
News about Bowl-Tech to its visitors.
Topics: 244 Posts: 324
244 324
Bowl-Tech Tech of the Year
Bowl-Tech Tech of the Year
Bowl-Tech Tech of the Year home page Past Winners are Listed Here
Topics: 12 Posts: 137
12 137
Bowl-Tech Rising Star Award
Information 2010 Bowl-Tech Rising Star Award. Past Winners Are Listed here.
Topics: 3 Posts: 3
3 3

Latest Poll


  • How do you track stops?
    by Mike Wilson
    How do you track machine stops and malfunctions?...
    We don't
    Stop sheet or notebook at bench
    Stop sheet at Pinsetter/Pinspotter
    Computer / Software
    03-25-2021, 05:53 PM

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Black Consoles

I got tired of the black consoles braking and they look I made my own....

Deck knocking pins over on new racks (Need help ASAP)

I am still very new to working on a2s first off.

We started having this issue on tuesday where when the pinsetter goes to spot a new set of pins, a few of them fall...

Express Model B 40 lanemachine

Can somebody give an explaniton how pins 2, 3, 6 are supposed to be connected. I had a shortcircuit there for the drive motor connection because of water leakage.

82-70 Distributor belt pulling to the side.

I have a distributor that is pulling the belt hard to the left in the nine pin position (and possibly 6 pin), but seems fine in the other spots. As you can see the residue and...

82-90 XLi Pin Elevator

I have several Pin Elevators that I believe to be out of round on my XLi's and was curious if anyone has ever run across this before and is so, what you did about it.

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