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Bowl-Tech Polls
Current and completed Bowl-Tech member polls.
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Industry, Bowl-Tech News plus Discussion
Industry & Bowl-Tech News and Discussion
Bowling industry topics of interest, Bowl-Tech news and industry news discussion. Topics are moderated with open discussion or comments on each.
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Last Post: Thank You exMech
37 251
by Fabian
Equipment Safety and Technical Training
Mechanical and Technical Training
Pinsetters, Scorer Systems, Ball drilling and other technical training classes, seminars and webinars.
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102 224
Bowling Center Customer and Maintenance safety discussion.
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Help Wanted Help Wanted, this forum is for Bowling related career oportunites.
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Employment Wanted This forum is for person seeking work in the bowling industry.
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Parts and Services Wanted
Wanted Items or Services Classified Ad Section, Parts, Supplies, Bowling Centers, Pro Shops. Any members can post any items here. Centers and Suppliers.
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Parts for Sale or Trade
For Sale or Trade Classified Ad Section, Parts, Supplies, Bowling Centers, Pro Shops. Any members can post any items here. Centers and Suppliers.
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Techs For Hire
Bowling Techs offering technical assistance and PM services.
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Lane Maintenance and Lane Equipment Forums
Bumper Bowling Equipment
Discussion of Bumper Bowling Gutters and Related Equipment
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Lane Maintenance
Discussion of Lanes, Maintenance and lane equipment.
Topics: 3,727 Posts: 33,210
3,727 33,210
Lane Conditioning and Cleaning Machines Maintenance
Discussion of lane conditioning machines maintenance.
Topics: 1,755 Posts: 12,979
1,755 12,979
Mike Wilson
Lane Machine Programs & Pattern Discussion
Discussion of lane machine programs and patterns.
Topics: 1,555 Posts: 12,189
1,555 12,189
by billman
Brunswick Lane Conditioning Machines and Patterns
The Brunswick Authority 22, Envoy and Max Lane Machines maintenance and Pattern Discussion.
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Pinsetting and Pinspotting Equipment
AMF 82-30 Pinspotters
Discussion of AMF 82-30 Pinspotters
Topics: 1,398 Posts: 12,585
Last Post: new table troubles
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riverview scott
AMF Pinspotters 82/70 Through XLi EDGE
Discussion of AMF Pinspotter models 82/70 Through XLi EDGE
Topics: 9,026 Posts: 107,304
9,026 107,304
Pinsetters Brunswick A-A2
Discussion of Brunswick Pinsetting Equipment
Topics: 10,816 Posts: 120,342
10,816 120,342
by B-Harvs
Brunswick GS Pinsetters
Brunswick GS Pinsetter discussion
Topics: 2,550 Posts: 19,737
Last Post: GS-98 issues
2,550 19,737
by MLease
String Pinsetters
Discussion on all types of String Machines Pinsetters
Topics: 31 Posts: 423
31 423
Candlepin / Bowl-mor
Candlepin / Bowl-Mor Discussion
Topics: 87 Posts: 853
87 853
Duckpin Bowling and Pinsetters
Duckpin Bowling & Pinsetters Discussion
Topics: 13 Posts: 105
13 105
Other Pinsetting Equipment
Pinsetting equipment other than Brunswick or AMF
Topics: 220 Posts: 1,978
220 1,978
Other Bowling Center Equipment Forums
Bowling Pins
Discussions on pin maintenance
Topics: 346 Posts: 3,832
Last Post: Who buys used pins?
346 3,832
by Akuma
Effect Lighting and Music
Effect lighting and Music for in center entertainment
Topics: 236 Posts: 1,850
236 1,850
Games and Vending
Discussion of maintenance and other issues related to arcade machines and vending equipment.
Topics: 83 Posts: 572
83 572
HVAC and Refrigeration
Maintenance of Heating Air Conditioning and Refrigeration and Air Quality equipment in Bowling Centers
Topics: 75 Posts: 535
75 535
by Mok
Electrical and Electronics Discussion
Discussion of Electrical and other equipment electronics in the bowling center
Topics: 486 Posts: 3,175
486 3,175
Other Bowling Equipment
Discussion of other bowling related equipment and other pinsetting or pinspotting equipment.
Topics: 635 Posts: 3,726
635 3,726
Automatic Scoring Systems Forums
AMF Legacy Scoring Systems Discussion
Legacy AMF scoring and related systems discussion
Topics: 1,988 Posts: 13,494
1,988 13,494
by exMech
Brunswick Scoring Systems Discussion
Discussion of Brunswick scoring systems and related equipemnt
Topics: 3,100 Posts: 16,803
3,100 16,803
Qubica, QAMF Scoring Systems Discussion
Discussion of Qubica, QAMF scoring systems and related equipment
Topics: 1,486 Posts: 10,082
1,486 10,082
Steltronic Scoring System
Steltronic Scoring Systems Discussion.
Topics: 208 Posts: 1,124
208 1,124
Twelve Strike (XIIX)
Discussion of the Twelve Strike (XIIX) Scoring System
Topics: 25 Posts: 119
25 119
Computer Score / Vantech Scoring
Computer Score formerly Vantech Scorer systems discussion
Topics: 215 Posts: 1,444
215 1,444
Other Scoring Systems Discussion
Scoring systems discussion and other scoring systems not covered by above forums
Topics: 252 Posts: 1,371
Last Post: Mendes manuals
252 1,371
Automatic Scoring Picture Gallery
Pictures of automatic scoring systems, could also include scoring system mods.
Topics: 16 Posts: 81
16 81
Kanga (James)
Member Memorial
Bowl-Tech Member Memorial
Bowl-Tech member memorial page.
Topics: 16 Posts: 16
16 16
Remembering Our Lost Friends
In these threads we have said goodbye to our lost friends.
Topics: 19 Posts: 627
19 627
Mike Wilson
Small Scale Bowling
Small Scale Bowling
Small Scale or Mini Bowling Lanes and equipment discussion
Topics: 265 Posts: 4,308
265 4,308
Pro Shop
Pro Shop Discussion
Discussion of Pro Shop drilling procedures and techniques.
Topics: 895 Posts: 6,831
Last Post: Ball drilling
895 6,831
by Two14
The Work Shop
Computers and Software
General computer discussion, shop computers, inventory, frames per stop, software and hardware.
Topics: 119 Posts: 849
119 849
Bowling Ball / Pin Damage Help
Looking for help on some ball or pin damage or have a solution to share. Upload your pic here.
Topics: 32 Posts: 359
Last Post: Ball damage help.
32 359
by DBZodos
Tools of the Trade
Tools of the Trade
Topics: 115 Posts: 1,277
115 1,277
by Mok
The Front End
Marketing / Promotions
Discussion of Marketing / Promotional ideas for bowling centers, leagues, tournaments, specials and what ever tools you may use to sell bowling.
Topics: 164 Posts: 1,015
164 1,015
by Howard
Food and Beverage
Discussion forum for Food and Beverage services and management
Topics: 21 Posts: 183
Last Post: Grill dying
21 183
Kanga (James)
Bowling Leagues
Discuss your successes or problems with leagues, and discussion of league issues.
Topics: 112 Posts: 767
112 767
Back Office and League Record Software
Discussion of back office systems and league records software
Topics: 81 Posts: 385
81 385
Welcome to Bowl-Tech
Bowl-Tech User Guide
Instructions for Bowl-Tech site usage.
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Bowl-Tech Community News
News about Bowl-Tech to its visitors.
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Bowl-Tech Tech of the Year
Bowl-Tech Tech of the Year 2013
Bowl-Tech Tech of the Year 2013
Topics: 4 Posts: 45
4 45
Bowl-Tech Rising Star of the Year 2013
Bowl-Tech Rising Star of the Year 2013 Recognition of the best NEW member on Bowl-Tech.
Topics: 4 Posts: 9
4 9
by FreeK
Bowl-Tech Tech of the Year
Bowl-Tech Tech of the Year home page Past Winners are Listed Here
Topics: 10 Posts: 10
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Bowl-Tech Rising Star Award
Information 2010 Bowl-Tech Rising Star Award. Past Winners Are Listed here.
Topics: 3 Posts: 3
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Latest Poll


  • How do you track stops?
    by Mike Wilson
    How do you track machine stops and malfunctions?...
    We don't
    Stop sheet or notebook at bench
    Stop sheet at Pinsetter/Pinspotter
    Computer / Software
    03-25-2021, 05:53 PM

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Well this is a first.

We all from time to time have one of those “wow I’ve never seen THAT before” moments. Well today was one of those for me when my night tech texts me to say lane 16 is out...

Ball return wheel guide roller removal.

Hey guys, i could just use a bit of advice trying to get this part out, first time I've had to do one of these. I got it to move a few turns but its come to a point where it has...

Even old mechanics find something new.

All my years working on these things I never had this happen…… until last week. ...

82-90XL Frontend Gearbox Parts - Rebuild Woes

We have 5 of the 088000365 replacement gear kits on the shelf, and I pulled two gearboxes off machines earlier this week, so I thought I'd try my hand at rebuilding them and save...

Prolane damage

Can this be repaired?

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