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Which days do you have off work?


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  • Which days do you have off work?

    We did this poll back in 2004

    I will post the results of that poll sometime in May.

    It will be interesting to see how time and changes in the industry have changed the days we are allowed to take off.

    Choose the days you are off work during each week.
    No Days Off

    The poll is expired.

    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc..

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    I'm guessing this is only for full time employee's?


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      I work a 3 week rolling rota, Sat, Sun off, then Wed, Thu then Mon, Fri....


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        Days off will very but how about adding which shifts that everybody has to be there


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          No days off during fall/winter season then Wed Sat Sun in the summer
          When I die bury my balls next to the old bag!


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            I'm working 50% of legal work week in Norway (37.5hrs with payed break, 40hrs without payed break).
            Two guys share the 40 hours of normal operation, I'm A, other guy is B. Over two weeks:
            Monday: A
            Tuesday: A
            Wednesday: B
            Thursday: B
            Friday: A
            Saturday: A
            Sunday: A
            Monday: B
            Tuesday: B
            Wednesday: A
            Thursday: A
            Friday: B
            Saturday: B
            Sunday: B

            I made this setup as I took an extra year in high school last year to get what equals GSCE or SAT/ACT, because I had vocational classes (2 years, media and communication, 2 years apprenticeship gives the title graphic artist), and this is basically what I lost of more advanced maths, history, natural science and Norwegian. It was 33hrs per week, so I wanted to not work too much, and not have just one off-day.

            A year later and I still work this way, but when mr B is leaving in the fall, I will get some pure mechanic hours outside opening hours, and maybe 1 or 2 more weekdays, but less weekends.

            We are a small 6 lane house in a town with 6000 inhabitants.


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              7 days a week for 79 days straight for Women's Championships, then Sunday off when traveling
              Joshua Knight - Stand By A Mechanic
              USBC Open Championships El Paso, TX 2015


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                I just got back into the business after 12 years and currently work part time. Usually Tues. & Thur. , 10 - 6. I also work full time at an ammo manufacturer. My hours are likely to change next week, Head mechanic go in for surgery and will be out about 6 wks. I'm in a 20 lane, high lineage house, and have to completely go through the whole house this summer.
                When I was in business from 95 - 05, as Gen. Manager/Owner - Mechanic - Laneman - etc, I worked 7 days a week. During the season, an 80 hr week was a short week.


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                  I get Thanksgiving and Christmas off. when i go on vacation i only get 5 calls a day. so that is down from 10 to 15 calls a day when i am working my 60 to 70hrs a week. LOL that isn't much of an exaggeration


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                    Can someone give me the definition of a day off? I am here more than at home. Work about 95 to 105 hours a week.


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                      Mike, be super careful. Any on the job injuries I have had occurred when I was tired and worked tons of hours.

                      Mike Wilson
                      Bowl-Tech Inc..


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                        Saturday and Sunday.. I have a great crew and they can handle must issues.
                        Later Chief


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                          Old thread I know, but I'll chime in anyway.

                          Working at the bowl is a part-time, retirement gig for me. I only work Monday & Friday, no nights or weekends unless there's an event when extra staff is needed.

                          Interestingly, I'm often there most days of the week because it's my hangout. I'm a bowler, my friends are bowlers...the bowl is my 2nd home. When I'm there on a day off I almost always end up "working", lol.

                          Clunk, clunk, jam on 19...I'll get that. Pin stuck in the ball door on it. No strike cycle on #10? Let me fix that wire real quick. Walk by the front desk, no one's there when the phone I'm taking a reservation for a birthday party.


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                            Thursday, Friday, Saturdays off.

                            Unless a PBA event is happening then all hands on deck.
                            * this space left blank intentionally *


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