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How do you track stops?


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  • How do you track stops?

    How do you track machine stops and malfunctions?
    We don't
    Stop sheet or notebook at bench
    Stop sheet at Pinsetter/Pinspotter
    Computer / Software
    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc..

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    This is a takeoff on a thread from a few years ago at

    If you select other please tell us about it.

    Feel free to post PICs of what you use.

    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc..


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      Old school. Pen and paper.
      A4 Diary with 1 day per page for calls and another diary for tasks completed. Very small outlay for a documented history that is not reliant on a digital world.

      Though, this method relies on all staff members having the ability to read and write. An ability that is becoming increasingly rare.


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        Although I did make an Access based database that was functional (modelled on Startrek TNG LCARS), I wasn't able to complete it. I really wanted to make something for everybody to use but time got the better of me. I know there are some stop apps out there but I wanted one geared toward simplicity and being touchscreen friendly. I'm currently back to pen and paper for the time being.
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          We use an old school 3-ring binder.
          One side is for calls, other side is daily work, and other misc work done.
          Pen and paper is still the best method available.


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            I write things down on a stop sheet; explain it and the fix in notebook; document on computer -- all three. The notebook and stopsheet are done daily, then at the end of the month everything is put on a computer.


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              We have a 3-ring binder on the workbench and keep the most recent months' worth of logs in it. A new log sheet is started with every shift and the mechanic(s) on duty write their name and date at the top. It has room for writing down notes and parts usage and also a small section for the lane machine so that I will know if they had problems running the lanes or had to replace the duster cloth etc.

              I would like to make a simplified one for the bowling desk because there are often things on the other side of the machines that go unreported. Nothing like ending your shift and someone at the desk says "What's going on with Lane X? It was doing this and this...we had to reset it several times through Conqueror because it wouldn't set a full rack. Oh and the bumpers on Lane Y aren't working and so-and-so league bowlers were here practicing and said their balls were coming back damaged."
              Don't let those quick fixes become permanent ones; the job is not done until it is done right.


              • Mike Wilson
                Mike Wilson commented
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                I think a front desk sheet is important. I despise surprises and it seems to help keep communication going.

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              Created this for the rear wall house to log stops at the bar. Only 10 lanes so no pinchaser but they would Never document anything. They would tell me about something as I was leaving after working there for 3+ hours, go figure. We had pinchasers at Olympic, they would write them down on a notebook sheet each night.

              Checklist Call Sheet 2.xls

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              • Mike Wilson
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                Nice sheet, lots of detail

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              We have a spiral notebook at the front desk with date/lane/description/initial. In the mechanics' room we have notebooks for logging repairs, maintenance & lubrication.


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                I have a couple of plans I have used over the years, when I have had a "fixer upper" with lots of stops I have kept the stop sheet on the machine itself with an attached pen or pencil and leave sheet on the machine until it was full. I used it as both a training tool and a means to keep the guys more involved in troubleshooting, I would ask them not to just write the stop down and move on but to also look back through the history on the sheet and troubleshoot any trends they are seeing.

                Each day I would go through and put the stops on a master sheet for a permanent record and frames per stop calculations.

                An note any follow up to stop trends I see on the sheets.

                In my centers that I had been in for awhile and were running well I could go away from the sheets on each machine and go with a sheet in the work shop (if there was one) along with a daily cleaning and maintenance duties sheet.

                Mike Wilson
                Bowl-Tech Inc..


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                  I have used and do see the benefits of having a trouble call sheet attached to each machine. However, I hate seeing holes drilled into the rear guard.


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                    Been using Kegel's Tracker for years. Wish it was still available from Kegel.


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                      The big thing for me was to address each stop the next morning when I came in before the morning leagues started. No matter how insignificant a stop or just a 1 timer, I would still give the machine a look. Many times a slight tweak of the pin guide would completely eliminate turn pan jams, a rake adjustment if pins were out on the lane, etc. Before you know it the stops occur less and less.
                      Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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                        Been using Kegel Tracker since 2007, still love the program for it's features. Wish they still made it.


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                          normally used one binder for stops/calls. One for maintenance/lube & parts replaced.
                          That is if i worked with chasers. Got so used to knowing each machines quirks,stops etc i myself didn't need a
                          binder,just kept it in my head.up tp 40 lanes worth too !
                          Worked 40 lanes down to 20 lanes by myself. Back in the day.
                          One center took me about 5 months to get machines straightened out but then got maybe 1 call a day,those we're field converted machines to jetback. Owners never knew they could run so smoothly since other guys did squat. (they twisted my arm to get me to fix it all),mostly just indexing issues,preferance systems and complete lubing of machines.
                          Ahhhh, the good ole days. lol.


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