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Accuscore Plus not scoring on 2nd ball


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  • Accuscore Plus not scoring on 2nd ball

    We hava a odd lane that will not score on 2nd ball. Putting machine on 2nd ball, it will record pinfall if scoring is on 1st ball. One time, it delayed scoring 2nd ball results as the bowler was delivering their next ball in the next frame. Pinfall may be entered manually.

    Have changed E-prom, CWC, sweep zero switch, camera, machine chassis. Ball lights work, even disconnected their cable to reduce power draw. The even lane works fine.
    Does the sweep and or table switches play a part in determining to the scoreer which ball it's on?

    We have 70's with Omega Tec w/ expander boards, Accuscore Plus and Advantage.

    Thanks for any input.

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    The CWC gets the 2nd ball signal from the mask via the chassis. That problem is usually a CWC, but you said you changed that - try following the wires from the mask - usually there are 2 faston's on the back of the mask board and make sure they are good to the cannon plug. If those check out, you might want to try checking the sweep switch adjustment or even try another switch.

    What kind of masking units are you using?
    I've had enough of hope & chains.


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      Masks are AMF with a PC board which contains leds for 1st, 2nd, foul and strike. The cable from that runs to the screw-in chassis plug. There is another 2 wire cable that plugs into the bottom of the board. The sweep zero switch was also changed, and both were checked with a needle type multi meter. Checked all wires @ chassis coming from the mask, didn't find any breaks. Will flip-flop mask cables to see if that makes a difference.


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        Are the 2nd ball leds lit when it's on 2nd ball?
        I've had enough of hope & chains.


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          Yes, I have constant voltage on the lower spade terminal and voltage when on 2nd ball on the upper spade terminal. Am going to trace the voltage to the back control box and then to the CWC later tonight.


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            Yes, I have constant voltage on the lower spade terminal of the mask pc board and voltage on the upper spade terminal when machine is on 2nd ball. I will check voltage of that cable at the rear control box and back to the CWC later this evening.


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              My bet is the sweep switch actuating bolt has a groove worn in the top.....take the lever off and file the bolt flat....


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                Take a trouble light out and check the bolt


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                  I think Jerry is onto something here... It's gonna be something goofy.
                  I've had enough of hope & chains.


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                    Originally posted by wb8yjf View Post
                    I think Jerry is onto something here... It's gonna be something goofy.
                    I agree!!!!!!!!! It's working properly and will post the solution this am.


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                      Here's the low down. Our masks get the constant 1st ball signal and the appropriote 2nd ball signal from the C23 plug from the chassis - approximately 20vdc. It goes into the mask pc board and comes out through a pair of 1/4" male terminals on the bottom RH of the pc board. The bottom has constant 20vdc for first ball and the top one has 20vdc from the start of 2nd ball until the start of 1st ball. A 2 wire (blk and red) cable runs from the pc board to the control box on the rear of the machine where it splices into the cable that runs back to the CWC and plugs into either the "odd lane or even lane" port on the CWC. I traced voltage from the chassis, mask,control box and CWC, making sure all plugs, terminals and connections and or splices were tight and secure. I have found that terminals that are crimped with the nub of the crimper on the solid part of the barrel instead of the where the splice is on the barrel tend to lose contact as the splice of the barrel can open, creating poor contact, especially on low voltage applications.
                      Upon completion of this process (would have rather found a broken wire), the scorer started working properly.

                      King - You are correct that the stud can wear. I took all of the studs on the sweep zero switches and ground a bevel on the bottom of the stud which matches the angle of the switch so the stud cannot "bottom out on the switch itself creating a greater range of adjustment.

                      wb8yjf - GOOFY accurately describes trouble shooting low voltage problems!!!!!!!!!

                      Thanks for all the input!


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                        Ted - Thanks for cluing me in on the voltage pathway.I guess us Hoosiers gotta stick together!


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                          I installed all new bolts in mine this year - grade 8


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                            The goofy thing is sometimes it depresses the switch fine...other times it does not...causes erratic scoring


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                              Originally posted by 8270king View Post
                              The goofy thing is sometimes it depresses the switch fine...other times it does not...causes erratic scoring
                              I have been changing mine over to the large button micro like the one on the cushion.
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