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Short? No score 2nd ball


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  • Short? No score 2nd ball

    8230's, Accuscore Plus, 6525's with MK-30's

    Hey all,

    It started on even lane and I caused it to spread to the odd lane is my guess.

    No score on 2nd ball. Started with the usual suspects, changed all these at least twice:
    6525 chassis
    Mask lights (solid state) (I checked with another lane, I can unplug mask lights and still score proper. Is that right?)
    Unplugged strike cycles.

    It was only on even lane until it swapped the odd/even plugs, then I must fried something on the odd lane.
    Looked for short's in J box. Tested continuity from J's 32,33,34 to P's 22,23,24.
    Moved mask lights to working lanes, working fine.
    If I fill in 2nd ball score they will score as first ball on step 7

    Read somewhere about testing the 1 and 8 but not sure what strip? Pbox? Abox?
    I have 36.9volts accross J18.

    Thanks for all previous threads and future reply's.

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    Got it narrowed down to the 6525 chassis.

    Need sleep, any ideas?


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      You have to have voltage at J33 for the scoring to "know" that the machine is on 2nd ball. Check continuity through PR4, the 2nd ball voltage goes through those contacts, sorry I can't tell you which ones. But I would start there.
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        When Accuscore + scoring was sold to a 30 house, they received contacts to install on the stepper to replace the level 3 contacts. You may or may not have these contacts installed. They held up much better to the voltage demands of many mask circuits.

        Billy T
        [email protected]


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          Oh, so that's what that red button is for.


          Thanks Jon (wb8yjf)
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            The 30 chassis klixon kicks out when there is as wiring issue to the mask lights. All the lamps on the mask went through the kixon for protection. (a 70 has 2 mask curcuits)
            J strip terminals 15 and 33 are the 2nd ball connections for scoring. This is where you test the 2nd ball voltage into the scoring. Like BillyT says, all 30 houses got an external 1/2 ball light contact kit that the center could put on their steppers to bypass the steper wiper contacts for a more reliable 2nd ball signal topthe scorer. THey still have them, if you need to put some on.
            Also, open any chassis that have 2nd ball scoring issues and see if they have the 3 large resistors tied together on one end and hooked to adjacent terminals on the Jstrip side. Remove them if you have scoring.
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              Originally posted by Gnubie
              Oh, so that's what that red button is for.


              Thanks Jon (wb8yjf)
              I've had enough of hope & chains.


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