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  • Fun days with Boss

    Wednesday night, after a fill ball gutter, next bowler throws his shot into the rake. I go retreive ball and give back to bowler. (He was very apologetic) After he throws his shot, no score, ok do score change. Terminal not responding. Go in back to check CPU and MIU. No Camera or BT lights on MIU. Move bowlers to another pair. Begin troubleshooting, No power to camera, thusly no power to BT. Swap out camera with known good one. Still no power, getting late now decide to close up and leave it til morning. Come in early on Thursday to start checking wiring. Lo and behold camera now has power. But CPU shows no Communication to front desk. Reset CPU, all looks good. Go to test by throwing some shots.

    Throw first shot strike, scorer gives me a 2 count, go to other lane ,throw gutter scorer gives me an 8 count. OK camera adjustment time. Do adjustment smae result, continue doing adjustment , continue to get same result, Now must get ready for leagues, Will have to manually keep score for leagues that afternoon and night.

    Come in Today, try something different. Throw towel over camera and throw a gutter, scores a strike, so I know camera can see strike.

    Reset machine to 2nd ball, manually change score to gutter and throw 2nd ball, scores perfectly. Strange how It will not score any first shot right but will get second shot correct.


    Go in back shut down system, reboot again, and now working perfectly.

    Sometimes I really believe Boss is haunted.

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      IMO Boss causes grey hair, loss of hair (if worn long enough to grab a hold of), drug dependancy, alcoholism, heart disease (from stress), marital problems, and lack of self-worth from the feeling that you can't seem to make things work anymore!


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        Alright, lets break this down! Before we installed Boss I had longish brown hair, healthy , drank only a few beers a week, was happily married, and felt confident on getting this place running better.

        11 years after Boss.
        Hair is short and gray (whats left) developed recurring gout, so now have to take medicine every day,insomnia bouts, so I take ambien, cut down on beer, but Tequila use has skyrocketed, every time I try to quit smoking a cpu or MI goes bad, Divorced, and wondering every day, Will I have to keep score by hand tonight? And I now wear trifocals!!!

        NeverSeenThat..... You nailed it right on the head!!!!!!!!


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          Not familiar with the BOSS scoring system, but know quite a bit about scoring and A-2's.
          Sounds to me like on first ball it is either scoring early and seeing the rake instead of the pins, or scoring late and seeing the deck shield instead of the pins.

          Just someplace to start looking to find the problem.
          You don't have to be crazy to do this job...But it helps!


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            One of the bowling centres here in Perth had BOSS for several years. Some of the regular bowlers thought it stood for Bring (your) Own Score Sheet.


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              LOL!! After some work and a little head scratching and a few phone calls I have our BOSS running pretty darn smoothly. The worst I have had in the last 3 or 4 months is a camera that needed to be leveled. Maybe I am just lucky.


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