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  • Accuscore Camera Help

    Last week I found the targets in the back room, so I decided to go and calibrate the 3 cameras in the center to what I thought was the proper procedure on bowl tech here.

    Now I'm getting scoring messes left and right. When I put the targets back out. All 3 lights are light up in the OK area. I will test the lane for full rack and strike and it will be ok for a few frames and then it does not score correctly. It misses the 8 pin, 9 pin, 6 pins on the right hand lane. Sometimes it scores a phantom strike now. Another lane anything that has the head pin standing will be scored a spare when the bowler still leaves the head pin after the 2nd ball.

    How do you do number 7 -the lane to lane gauge to set height. Something tells me number #7 is what I am not doing correctly nor know how to do.

    1. Sweep pins off deck
    2. Unplug motors so machine cannot cycle
    3. Have deck light on
    4. Put one target on 7 pin on odd lane
    5. Put one target on 10 pin on even lane
    6. Take camera cover off
    7. Use lane to lane gauge to set height
    8. Loosen thumb screws on adjustment
    9. Flip switch on back away from run
    10. Set side to side with screw on side of not in adjustment. You must loosen allen screws that can be seen from looking down on camera from above
    11. Tighten allen scres for side to side
    12. Adjust CW ans CCW with thumb screws left and right respectfully - if left is out of adjustment and it is on the CW light turn adjusting screw clockwise
    13. Flip switch back to run
    14. Remove targets
    15. Re-install camera cover
    16. Test X and full rack to see if all pins are counted

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    First why did you mess with them if they were already working? You know the old story...

    Do you have the height jig as well? It sits in both gutters and you adjust (the 2 hex screws on the vertical rails) the camera to sit on it before you try to adjust the camera. Sounds like the CCD camera on the camera assy. is 'cockeyed'.
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      No I do not have the height jig. Didn't know I needed one. I adjusted them because I thought there was a problem with the scoring. When you hit the reset button it would score crazy and I thought the cameras were not right( that problem I was told is because the rake comes down in front of the camera and something needs to be wired up to delay this).

      I don't know much about scoring or the Accuscore model. So I made myself a problem now that I dont know how to fix!! or have the jig I guess to fix!

      What does this jig look like? Maybe I can find it thrown in the back somewhere. Does anyone have a jig they could spare?

      People here are used to correcting score and deal with the problems. I'm trying hard to get rid of many of the issues that have plagued the club and annoyed the bowlers over the last few years. I thought I could eliminate the scoring issues for them.
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        This may or may not be the cause but it might be making it worse. From the cameras point of view it must be able to see the heads of each pin with a space between them. If the pins are off spot a certain way it will not see pins behind other pins, for example not seeing the 8 on the odd lane or 9 on the even lane out of a full rack. If you put your face right where the camera lens is, as if you were the camera, and looked at the pins on each lane, you should be able to see the heads of all ten individually. If pins are off spot they can essentially move in front of other pins and block them from camera view. Like I said this may not be the cause of your specific problem but can make it worse and is worth checking. I ran into this problem with the AccuCam 3000, those things are touchy about pins being on spot.

        Also the rake coming down slow or late or the score being taken at the wrong time can cause crazy scoring errors. Sounds like its not really a camera calibration issue but more of a rake being in the way issue, for whatever reason. Do your rakes drop from cushion impact (and if so how fast do they drop) or when the cycle solenoid fires and the rake and deck come down together and if so how fast or slow does the rake get down?
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          I will say the camera I am having the most trouble with is the one that I think I moved around with my hand and such too much and it's got to be out of whack. It was the 1st one I was playing with and when I was kinda unsure of what I was doing, I stopped playing around with it. This one no doubt is not leveled correctly.

          I do have some spotting issues with the A-2s on some lanes. Off the top of my head I can't recall if 3-4 are slightly off spot. The lanes I was messing with the camera.

          Somebody installed this system years ago bought from another center. So the lane to lane jig has to be somewhere.


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            Rake issues can cause problems for sure, but I'm not sold on that being the problem (yet). PM Ted (or maybe he'll show up here?) - he should be able to hook you up with a height jig - that guy has so much scoring info it's crazy! There is (or SHOULD be) a bubble level on the top of the camera assy - it's not great, but you might wanna check it out. You really should have the height level - it will save you a LOT of headaches.
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              Ted has been helping me but I didn't want to bug him all the time about the issues I have been having. I can't seem to figure them out and need help. I'm really only a B mechanic that took on this place to test my skills and learn. I'm having problems!


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                It height gauge sets on each lane - not the gutter


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                  What does this thing look like?


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                    All I have are the targets and they are on these gold metal stands with two long sticks the width of about a lane board. What does the lane to lane guide look like?


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                      It is over 2 ft long, has a leg on both ends, has a 90 degree piece of angle from one leg to the other, its gold and is made out of the same stuff as the target stands.
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                        Today when I get into work I will measure it's height and post here. When it is standing on the lanes you lower the cameras chin onto the cross piece and lock it down.
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                          The height of the jig is 8" high. If you cant find the real one perhaps you can make something to stand on the two lanes with a cross piece to drop the chin of the camera's slider on
                          70's MP/PBL/LBS,Q-Score
                          Prolane Walker sport


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                            Are there specs for this in the AccuScore manual on the customer portal?


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