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Accudesk - No communication on some lanes at terminal


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  • Accudesk - No communication on some lanes at terminal

    Hi all. 10 lane center. Accuscore Plus. When putting lanes "in service" from terminal, only lanes 1-2 & 5-6 are in communication. Other lanes are now. We've switched-out scoring chassis up front, but we only have one eprom board. Orange light on eprom board flashes sporatically but not the constant fast flash we expect. We're thinking bad eprom board. In stand alone mode, all scoring works fine. Any other suggestions? We've rebooted several times. Thanks!!

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    Do you have a spare Accudesk homerun box (interface box)? If so, swap that out. If the desk prompts you for all the normal stuff (center name, number of lanes, etc) - chances are good the EPROM module is OK. You may also have a bad CWC in the back that messing up comm. You can try to isolate them by taking the terminator and plugging into J4 on lanes 1-2, then add other CWC's (while moving the terminator) until you start having problems.

    What version of software are you running at the desk and what is the version in the scorer CWC's?

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      thanks for the feedback. I started changing out CWC's and found out lane 1/2 was the issue. Once I changed that one out, all communication was back. Thanks again!!



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        Great to hear Derrick! BTW, I sent you a P.M.

        I've had enough of hope & chains.


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