Rear cover removed from custom monitor frames.

ECT and VGA converter card removed. Unused cables being removed and new ones drawn through.

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Duo box and external LAN adaptor mounted.

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Belmo's Dad - Aldo installing the Comscore/ZOT MiniMagic interface modules. Note: Although you can see the control box is plugged in and switched on, the main breakers were off and the power was also switched off at the curtain wall.

Ben hooking up the MIB's.

The ECT scanner ready to be removed.

The IP camera and ball detectors. Camera yet to be properly positioned.

Chucky bringing down the cat5 cables and the NAS and switch hooked up. Further tidying up will follow...

The finished product. Although the monitors aren't HD, the picture quality is impressive. The video is streamed over the network since the monitors don't have tuners.

The previous LCD upgrade thread can be found here... http://www.bowltech.com/forum/automa...lcd-conversion
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