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No foul cycle and not scoring foul


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  • No foul cycle and not scoring foul

    Brunswick Vector Plus Scoring not getting foul signal, AMF Radar Ray foul detectors, Brunswick Vector Cameras Version 5 and 6, 82-70XLi upgrage
    I was wondering what the voltage at pins 8 and 3 should be. The voltages I have at pins 8 and 3 are 5 vdc and at fuses f2 and f3 are 13 vac.
    Also does anyone have a wiring schematic for the foul unit to XLi chassis and camera.
    I've already talked to Brunswick Tech Support and walked thru the foul settings at the server and at the control desk setting and according to them they are set correctly and that it is on the AMF side.
    I've also tried contacting Trey at Bowling Tech several times but haven't been contacted back, wondering if he is still around or if Bowling Tech is still around.
    Any info would be helpful.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Finally got a chance to try a few things on the foul detector issue. I believe I've got it fixed, just have lanes 1 & 2 working for now. Will post fix and some pictures when I confirm there are no issues and the remaining lanes are fixed.


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