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AS-90C; CCD processor freezing; no scoring


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  • AS-90C; CCD processor freezing; no scoring

    We have a situation where we are scoring and triggering fine, and then the AS-90C CCD processor freezes; no scoring at all. When it happens both pinsetters continue triggering fine (brunswick brown dual led trigger box with Brunswick ETU board.

    When it freezes, i can see on the camera tester what the last shot was that scored, but no current shots. Live image is good, but i get no state changes on the ball detect/ or 44/144 switches or zero switches, if i push in on those switches or pass my hand across the beam. Now, if i unplug and plug back in the J1 on CCD processor power board, we are back in business. So when it happens, It acts as if the ball doesnt trigger, or as if machine doesnt cycle.

    We've changed the ccd processor (first its power supply, then the ccd processor board itself - recalibrated camera, scores fine until it freezes). Also swapped the io/cpu tray to known working pair, changed the 28vac transformer on the AS90 AC board, and swapped the two 24VACand two 110vac plug in relays on the AC board. Goes along fine for about an hour, then freezes. Unplug and replug ccd processor, works fine.

    We haven't changed the AS90 AC board itself. I cleaned all those connectors.

    Don't see any wiring cabling issues, but who know?. One other clue, the ball lights are flickering (sometimes) on the right lane. If i have some sort of grounding issue in the right lane electrical box, would it freeze the ccd processor? How do i locate that one? lol.

    Needs some help on this one!

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    That flickering ball light may be the problem. I have AS/80's here and a flickering 1-2 ball light will cause funny scoring or fail to score. Have you checked the adjustment for the 1-2 ball light micro switch? The switch itself could be going bad and causing the flickering. I have also had a broken wire in the canon plug for the 1-2 light on top of the electrical box cause scoring problems. I'm not familiar with your cameras but I'd be checking out those flickering lights first.


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      We found a loose ground connection in the main A2 electrical box, where all the ground conductors land. Hoping that was the issue!


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        Well tightening that loose ground didn't fix it blinking ball lights though. Same as before, unplug and replug J1, 28vac input and it runs fine for a while.... Going to swap out ac power tray next...and .... Maybe look for a loose wire in the NPS box


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          Just to finish off this mystery from several weeks ago, it was the camera that was causing us issues. Swapped camera out a few weeks ago, and its behaved ever since, knock on wood. I just didn't suspect the camera, based on the tester showing (when it suddenly stopped scoring) no state changes on the ball detect/ or 44/144 switches or zero switches, but my live image was still good on the tester. Oh well, I learned something new i guess! Thanks.


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            Thank you for posting a solution to your problem.


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