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Do FMX Ball Detects become weak?


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  • Do FMX Ball Detects become weak?

    We have a Ball Detect that is difficult to allign. The led will come on only in a narrow range and will go off with just a little vibration. Some times it will not come back on after breaking the beam. If it is readusted it will work for awhile again. The symptons follow the ball detect when swapping. It does work, but not dependably.

    I wonder if I should consider anything else b4 I send it to BREX.

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    I have 3 different reflectors I use to help align the ball detects.
    Try this before you send it in with your hard earned cash....

    I used washers and flat black paint to make the following:
    1) Full 3" reflector (Did nothing to this reflector, as this is the standard size).
    2) Masked off 2" reflector
    3) Masked off 1 1/2" reflector

    The idea is to find the "sweet spot" of the beam, and then center it more effectively.
    This makes the adjustment last alot longer, as you now have the beam adjusted for a 1 1/2" reflector, but using it on a 3" reflector.

    Most detects can be aligned (find the sweet spot) with the 1 1/2" reflector.
    This gets your detect beam aligned "dead center", not just somewhere on the reflector.
    Just "set it and forget it".

    I have had a couple that could only be aligned with the 2" or 3" reflector.
    So, yes. Some will get weaker signals as they get older.


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      I have found some bad solder joints on the ball detects before, making them sensitive to vibrations. They are difficult to spot, you will need a magnifing glass.
      I also like to replace the reflectors with reflective tape. It works well.


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        Thanks for the excellent ideas. I will try them. I have been laying down on the lane with my head and eyes right behind the ball detect, trying to do something similar to what you have been doing Wookie. Your technique sounds better. Thanks again. PS Ive have found that the silicone that is put on the detects from BREX can get in the way of the adjustment by not allowing adequate rotation within the holding bracket thingy.


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