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  • Vector Scoring commercial time

    Is there a way to change the length of time that each commercial stays on? I counted and the stay on for about about 20 seconds... I would like to change it to 25 or 30 seconds if it is possible. I was looking through the settings and did not see anywhere I could make such a change.

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    I remember talking about this when I went to Scoring School last year.
    If I remember correctly the only way to change it is through a registry edit. Don't recall which key it was, and not something the average person should be doing on their own, anyway, editing the registry, but could probably talk to someone at Brunswick to see if they will let you, or do it for you.

    I was fortunate in the class to only have one other person, a brunswick tech, and we both are quite competent on computers. The only reason that this was even talked about in the class. Also because of this we were able to go through all of the material in just 3 days, instead of the usual 5, and covered some stuff like this that is not normally part of the instruction.
    You don't have to be crazy to do this job...But it helps!


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      If you are using Vector Plus, with Vector scoring there is a setting within both the office program and the desk program the you can change each interval of how long each commercial stayed on for. If you are using those i can post further details as to how you can go about changing it. Although you can change the interval of the commercial it applies to all not just the individual ones


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