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Okidata 320 turbo settings


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  • Okidata 320 turbo settings

    Does anyone out there know the sequence of settings on the 320 turbo to bring it on line with frameworx? This is our front counter unit with the serial port adaptor for an RJ11 cable.

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    Hi Dug, I cant help much but hoping you can help me!! I have just recieved a new okidata and RJ11 adapter, my problem is that i have no clue as to the pin position of the wires within that adapter, do you know what wires go into what positions? Cheers in advance, Dave.


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      The Okidata serial interface is standard RS232 DTE. Here are the pinouts.

      The settings for the serial interface are fairly standard: 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, XON/XOFF protocol. The baud rate will probably be 9600 or 4800. Here is the manual with instructions for accessing the printer setup.


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        Sorry to be a pain, I have two RJ11 cables, one has 4 wires and one has 6 wires, do you know which should be used and if you do then do you know what wires in the RJ11 connector does what? Cheers, Dave.


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          First, let me say that my answers are just an educated guess. I work with the AMF Advantage, but it also runs on the Xenix operating system. It has used different multi-port serial boards over the years, and different manufacturers use different pin assignments for their RJ ports. But the printer's serial port is standard.

          I'd use the 6 pin cable. The cable itself should be straight through (or maybe have a half twist), and the adapter should handle directing the signals to the proper pins for connection to the printer.


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