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Framworx issue from hell


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  • Framworx issue from hell

    Hey guys,

    Got a scoring issue with a lane [only right lane] that will score strikes every third frame or so
    it appears to be taking data at 144deg on first ball when this happens and seeing the deck.
    I've adjusted the 44/144 switch timing a dozen times and even changed out the entire switch cluster
    and it still does it every three of four frames.

    Whats got me baffled is it will work perfectly for sometimes 6 or 8 frames then do it again.
    i spent 4hrs on this machine thursday and thought i had it when i changed out the CCD box and did a re-cal.

    But nope when they put bowlers on it today it didn't make it 3 frames.

    So now I'm running out of ideas, and my head is just spinning.
    When i first started seeing this i changed out the take data relay
    but no change, So it was then i changed out the switch cluster, and still no difference.

    The timing of the switches are working perfectly when i watch them on the tester the odeg SW is opening
    before the 44/144 closes but the scorer is not reading the data all the time at 44deg first ball.

    Pulling my hair out on this one...

    Thanks for any help.

    Go with what works and not what the book says.

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    How 'bout the 1 & 2 ball light micro adj't? Sounds like the lever might be just barely closing the micro on 1st ball and sometimes it doesn't, so the scoring system is getting the 2nd ball signal, so it would not take data 'til 144 on a 1st ball cycle. Just a thought. Have had that micro adj't. cause me some hair-pulling problems in the past.
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      Check for bad connections in the molex plug on the NPS box.
      Also, check for bad splices inside the box, for the 44/144 cable.


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        Check the shaft that holds the gear and switch cams. Make sure there is no play. If there is, sometimes it will fail to close zero degree or 44-140 switches. Then with scanner tester hooked up, unplug pinsetter motor engage gear box clutch and hand crank machine forward while in 1st ball so rake board is lower than the head of the pins and the deck has not started to shadow the rear row of pins. This is exactly where you need to set the 44 degree switch to close. this way you ensure that if the macjine is cycled through reset button or auto trigger that you adjust ment is perfect.

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          I like stripperbolts suggestion as a "first see if" suggestion.
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            You may have a micro-switch that is out of spec. I other words, it is not picking up the action of the first lobe on the take data cam because the switch is worn. If it misses the first lobe, it will think the second lobe is the first one.

            When it comes to take data switches make sure you have the absolute correct switch in place. I have found that after 5-6 years take data switches are marginal at best. When I had scoring problems that pointed to take date, I just replace the switch with a brand new correct replacement.


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              Thanks guys, I think i got, After replacing everything to do with the scorer i started looking
              into the electrical box wiring and found that wires 13[#57] and 14[#54] on the time delay were reversed.

              Not exactly sure how this caused the problem but 14 is where the take data relay is wired in.
              Now I've had bowlers on this lane for the last 2 days and it's scoring perfect.
              Go with what works and not what the book says.


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                13 is 24 vac, 14 is the 0, and 15 is 2nd ball 24 volts to eliminate the time delay in 2nd ball. So there was no delay as in 1st ball. Would probably only show if the triggering had to start the gearbox?
                This post is not an unpaid promotion of my business.


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                  Originally posted by Ted View Post
                  Would probably only show if the triggering had to start the gearbox?
                  I never really noticed it but i believe your right on it showing up when the triggering would cycle the machine.
                  Thanks Ted.
                  Go with what works and not what the book says.


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                    stripperbolt had a good point on this one, the first / second light micro will give you headaches if you let it.



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