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Frameworx issue beyond hell!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Frameworx issue beyond hell!!!!!!!!!!

    Our issue started out as a scoring problem on lane 5 where when you would throw a ball it scored before the the rake was even down. Then as the rake would go up on first ball it would score 2nd ball and 1st ball in the next frame. So first we checked the 44/144 and that was okay. Then we checked the ball detect and it was good as well. We checked the camera with the scanner and everything was good there too. While we were looking at the scanner we noticed that "zero" switch on lane 5 was closed all the time. We thought that maybe it was the 44/144 even though we checked it with the volt meter and both micro switches checked out good. So we decided to change it with the one from 6 since with know that 6 is scoring right. Well, that didn't work because we still got the closed signal on the scanner for the "zero" switch. Well, after that we decided to check the lines going to the 44/144 and zero switch. Those checked out good in continuity and we got the right amount of voltage the same that was coming from 6. Then we decided to use the extra cord we had that went from the brain to the ball detect and then to the NPS relay. That gave us the same result so we put the old cable back on. So then we decided to change the brain to eliminate that and the problem still continued. So then we noticed that the second and and 3rd light on the LED readout inside the (brain) Data Box were on. So we checked the camera with the scanner to find out that we had successful calibration on "both" lanes. So we went to throw 2 gutter balls on odd lane to clear the brain and our original scoring problem still persisted. Now to our dismay a new problem had cropped up. On the ETU board the lock out light came on #5 and it wouldn't cycle with ball detect of course. We turned the lane off and turned back on only to have the lockout light came on again and again and again and again. At that point we thought we had a bad ETU board. So we switched it out with a good one and the problem with still there. Thinking we might have burnt something in the ETU board we switched #6 to 5 and the problem continued with the lock out. Thinking the lockout might have something to do with just lane #5 we unplugged the sensor on the ETU board for the ball detect just for #5 and the problem continued. For ****s and giggles we unplugged the ball detect completely for just lane 5 and the lock out continued. After all that we decided to go back to lane 6 put the ETU board back in it that we'd tried on 5 and and check to make sure that 6 was okay and low and behold the lock out problem transferred to 6! UGH! After messing around for a while we came to the conclusion that maybe #5 was messing up the ETU board so we took the ETU board from #1 (because it was working fine) put it on 6 and the lock outs continued. We then put the ETU board from #6 to #1 where it is running fine with NO lockouts as of today 6/7/12. But guess what???? Yep! The ETU board from #1 that worked fine gives us what??? A lockout!

    Sorry that took so long but we did go through a ton of steps. And because we continue to have the lock out we STILL haven't figured out the original scoring problem.... UGH!

    If anyone can actually read through the above and have a good idea what might be the problem PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!!!


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    With AS90 I have solved some problems by removing the red wire harness from the left side of ETU and taping it of.
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      I'll give it a shot but I'm almost sure the head mechanic has done that.



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        Thanks PJ but the HM did try it last week.


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