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Tvs on overheads...frameworx


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  • Tvs on overheads...frameworx

    Replaced the A/V box earlier this week...old box caused some of the overheads not display video while bowling was going on. After putting in new box, I turned on all the lanes to be sure the video for bowling (frame boxes) was being displayed. I, then, checked to see if the TV video on 29-30 (just picked a pair in the middle of the house) would work. It worked. I called it good. Last night, I get a call from the manage saying the TV video on 17 is bad, he said the image is rolling. This morning, I turned on all 52 lanes bowling mode first....that's ok. Then, I turned the TVs on. Lanes 1-28, the images are rolling, 29-52 looked fine. I walked to the back to look over the manual, I left the TVs running. When I walked back to the front, the images were rolling on lanes 1-34.

    Anybody ever run into this?

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    Put the old box back on and see if the rolling stops. Box you replaced might have been bad as well. Nobody at my old place would mark things or note them as bad. They would just get stacked in a room. Now I get the task of figuring out what parts are good and what aren't. Once I get the bad stuff sorted out it will be sent of for repair, as it comes back it will be put into service and the part it replaces will be shelved as it should be.
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      Wish I could put the old box in, but I already shipped it out (pre shipped part for Brex).


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        Well, call BREX and tell them to do it again. (preship)

        When you send back your current box, tell them to test it under load.

        They can't!


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          There are some jumpers on the top PC board in the A/V box that may need to be set correctly for the length of the cable that runs from the box to the overhead monitors. Check in your service manual for info on the A/V box or click on the link below for the same. Manual says that factory setting is 200 feet. May not be the cause of your problem, but doesn't take long to take the cover off and check. Page 32 is where the info is regarding the jumpers.

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            Is there a termination board or point at the end of the line in your overheads? We have frameworx uppers on our vector scoring and I noticed that if the termination board or point isn't plugged in at the end of the chain it would make the overheads roll. Not sure if it would apply on yours though. Jim couldn't they just walk the AV box across the street to the training school and hook it up over there on the over heads. When I was up there they at least had a pair to trouble shoot for training.
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              I had constant connection issues with those tiny wire molex connectors.
              I'd get not only rolling on some lanes but also bad color.

              Those tiny wires are so touchy if you just touch them or move them around a bit you can watch the picture go bad.
              Just putting the back cover on the console would touch the wires enough to cause a problem.

              I've found that Di-Electric Grease works great on these molex connectors both at the AV box and in the consoles.
              Haven't had any connection problems since i coated all those TV molex connectors with DI-Electric Grease.

              Hope this helps someone..

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                Yeah, they can load the circuit, somewhat? But, think of the difference between the repair bench and a scope, and a center that has 50-60 lanes loaded. All kinds of functions and line noise going on that can't be determined.


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