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Frameworx communication problem


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  • Frameworx communication problem

    A few days ago it was reported that lane pair 9-10 were not responding. When I checked it out I noticed that on the router connecting the cables from the lane pairs to the front desk, the cable coming from lane pair 9-10 wasn't registering a signal.

    I noticed that the at the lane console the computer was off. I tried rebooting it but it would not reboot. After a long while of swapping cards etc...I swapped the mother board and it booted up fine.

    The messed up thing is that on the router it is still showing no connection from that lane. I also swapped out the ethernet card to be certain that that was not the problem.

    Any ideas?

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    You can quickly try changing over your ethernet connection for that problem lane to the one next to it, on the router itself. I have a net gear router that has to bad ports on it, and have moved the ethernet cable to open ports on the router for the last few lanes to work around that. Just a thought!


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      I've tried that. The comm light is on for the ethernet card. It doesn't matter which port I plug into on the router, it doesn't light up. Should I just re-terminate the connection?


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        As long as the hard drive is not an issue, the ethernet cable is the next place to look. Could be break in cable or an end problem. I have a test cable to run from router to console on top of capping for this rare troubleshooting problem. If you our comfortable with redoing ends then maybe, first check wires to be safe.


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          I tested the connectivity of the cable and it checked out. That eliminates the possibility of it being the RJ-45 connectors or the cable itself.

          I just replaced the ribbon cable from the hard drive to the motherboard and nothing changed.

          I guess the last thing to check is the hard drive. I will swap that out.


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            Verify the lane number is set properly on the hard drive (or I/O board depending on your system) and the version of software is correct.



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              I am unfamiliar with the procedure for your suggestion. How do I verify the lane number is set correct on the hard drive?


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                Jesus christ. I just replaced entire setup (motherboard, I/O card, sound card, video cards, ethernet card) with the setup from a working lane. Still it doesn't boot up!

                What could it be?


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                  Pertianing to the hard drive, you must use the maintenance menu code, then go to left lane number and make sure it is correct.


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                    Reply moved of-line...

                    Just a subtle reminder that passwords cannot be posted in any forums... If in doubt about anything, re-read the Terms of Service.
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                      since its a crime to post a page from brunswicks online manuals. just goto brunswicks website and get the manual.


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                        TwinCity, I'd intended to explain the reasoning in a reply to your PM, but since you brought it up in the public forum I'll address it here.

                        The Terms of Service prevents the posting of passwords to protect Bowltech from possible litigation. Although Brunswick has chosen to publish some passwords in their online manuals, it remains prohibited to post them on Bowltech. These terms have kept Bowltech online and free for a very long time; to allow users to directly post sensitive information like passwords only asks for legal trouble for this site and Mike Wilson.

                        There is however nothing wrong with posting a link to the relevant information from a manufacturers website. This means, that should the manufacturer decide to alter the information (or remove the passwords) in their online publications, it will remain current and up-to-date. If such information is embedded within a post, there is no hope for Mike or the Moderators to keep copied information current.
                        Factory & Converted A-2 (US, Ger, Jap)
                        Comscore ECT, Matrix & DuoHD
                        Walker B, Sanction Standard, Original K, Flex Walker & Ikon
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                          thanks kanga. atleast with it out in public like this other people will know. have a good new year.


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