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Pair just quits scoring


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  • Pair just quits scoring

    I have a pair that can go 2 day and be good, then the next day it will just stop scoring after a game. I have had this problem for a month now and going nuts. I have replace the CCD processor, I/O board, Camera and camera power cable and still get the same result. I couldn't imagine it being the HDD or Ide or Mobo, if it was that the whole system would freeze. The only thing I haven't changed are the clock and video cables from the camera to the CCD Processor. Any Ideas lol .

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    I had a similar problem with and infamous pair in our house. I would check your LGP I/O PCB in the primary console of the pair. It could be suspect. I have also had to change the cable running from the LGP I/O PCB to the pinsetter interface in back...cable number 57-300022-000. That could be an issue as well. Good luck.
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      Got it going bowled 5 game no problems, leagues starts no scoring either lane.


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        Did you check scanner breaker on AC board?
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          I had an issue just like yours a few yrs ago. 1 pair was always quitting scoring. After weeks of swapping parts and pulling my hair out I was called in on a Sat morning!As I was up at control counter watching 19 and 20 score I noticed a little kid throw a gutter ball on the 7 pin side of 20. Scorer quit scoring. After they finished I inspected the cables going to the camera and one of the video cables had a slice in it like from a utility knife. A piece of black electrical tape on it and never another problem!

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            I had this happen once because of bad cables on the ball detects.
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              Had a lane with scoring issues. Turned out to be the sweep zero position switch. Took a magnifying glass on bad switch. The actuator had been flattened out and sticking.


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