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Comscore Network Issue DVS


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  • Comscore Network Issue DVS

    Hello, we have Computer Score with DVS. The software is running on Windows XP and the version is built Jan 29 2013 (Version 4.0)

    A few weeks ago during one of our league, the system lost network connection and there was a little Red mark in the upper part of the scoring monitors (don't remember what it was exactly) and the system would not register any throws. When I tried to open the Center Command in the back office, it said it could not be found on the network (or something along those lines) Sorry I cannot remember exactly what it all said I was sort of in a panic.

    Today it happened again with one of our high school meets.

    I have noticed that it takes a very long time for the back office computer to shut down at night, but everything else seems to be running just fine. Everything is networked through the original coax style network hook ups. I seemed to resolve the issues by shutting down the back office, rebooting the front desk, then turning the back office on again.

    Are there any suggested trouble shooting steps we should try?

    Thank you.

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