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Scoring Issue After Camera Mishap


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  • Scoring Issue After Camera Mishap

    Hi there,

    Yesterday, we had a mishap with our oil machine, and the cord got wrapped around the camera, spinning it to the side. I adjusted the camera to the best of my ability, but it is now having very strange issues. First, the frame synchronization was working incorrectly. It would always overwrite the first ball, even when the machine was on second ball. I disabled frame synchronization to get around this temporarily. Still, at least once or twice a game, it would score a miss on 2nd ball when it was not a miss, even if it was actually a spare. This only happens on 2nd ball. 1st ball always scores correctly. I pulled up the config menu at the lane, and watched the flags. On a normal ball, when the ball crosses the beam, the Ball Detect flag turns green, and remains green through the entire cycle, then turns back red at the end of the machine cycle. In the cases where it incorrectly scores a miss, the ball detect flag turns green when the ball crosses the beam, then turns back red when the sweep reaches 1st guard. The illuminated pins (the pins it scored as present) do not change. I guessed maybe it's not seeing the table properly, so I increased the brightness on the camera by changing the aperture on the camera. This fixed the frame synchronization issue, and greatly reduced the incorrect misses (but they still happen). However, now sometimes it takes a long time to register the score, to the point where sometimes, if a strike was thrown, it doesn't send the strike signal to the machine in time, causing it to do a regular cycle.

    This is with Matrix and AMF 82-70s. Any help appreciated!

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