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computer score scoring issue


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  • computer score scoring issue

    I have Computer score scoring system, my Lane 9 when you throw the first ball it will not record the score correctly. when you throw the 2nd ball it catches everything up. I am baffled on how to fix this issue. i get into the screen to check cameras and everything is as it should be. Please help.

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    What version do you have? Is it giving a pin count or just a miss? If you get a pin count, does it give the same each time?


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      its version 4. The score it is giving is never the same number but never higher then 3. Example. I just bowled on that lane i hit 7 pins, it marked it in the first cycle as 2. bowled my second ball, I hit 1 pin. In the 2nd cycle it marks it as 6. so it gives the correct total but not the correct first ball.


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        There are several issues that can cause miss scoring.

        Check how fast the rake is dropping and how fast the machine deck takes to lower on the first ball. The scoring uses these to time when to score. If it drops to quickly, pins could be still moving and cause a miss score. Generally you want about 4 seconds from when the ball strikes the head pin to when the machine deck touches down on the pins.

        Another common problems is either to much or to little lighting. If your showing pins that aren't there, it's possible you are getting reflections off the pit curtain that are being seen as standing pins. You can go into setup and look at what the camera is seeing. On the DVS systems you can adjust the threshold value. I'm sure it's the same on the newer systems as well.


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          i will test these and get back to you


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