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  • PinCup
    Ted (our BT scoring guru) is the best person to answer your question. He works on them all.

    PinCup opinion, ...
    Well, for sure you don't want a used Mendez system. They are out of business.
    Accuscore+ or XL is a reliable AMF system, it has it's issues (depending upon what desk system it has), but any old/used system will.
    I've not worked with any of the Brunswick systems enough to get a good assessment. Frameworks is cool, worked when I bowled on it.

    As far as new systems,

    Qubica is the best on the market today, worth the money spent.
    Have not played on the new Brunswick system yet.
    Stelthtronic seems to have a good reputation with BT members that have it. I visited a center with it and it's a nice system.
    I was a big fan of XIIX (12 Strike), but I'm waiting for them to fix issues at friend's center. If they can make it right, I'll sing their praises again. It is a good system, but I'm more than a little disappointed in them, for the way they've handled this failed upgrade and my good friends. Shame shame.

    You have some miles to travel. Find a center that has a working system that you're looking at, and ask the mechanic what he thinks of it.

    Best case would be a system that is still installed and working, and bigger than you need by at least 2 pairs. (spare parts are good )
    Have your guys do the removal. Mark everything as to what pair it came from, so it gets installed in the reverse order and exactly as it was.
    BE SURE, to get all the wire associated with it. Replacing the wire for 20 lanes can cost $1000+ because most are shielded cables. Again, mark all the cables '1st pair, upper, pit side'......... '2nd pair, lower, bowler side'........' desk homerun' ........ ect. This simple step can save you a TON of headache!
    Buying a system that has already been removed is a risky move, because it may have not been removed with the above mentioned care. You may get yourself into a mess that will take Ted a week to sort out.

    Good Luck,

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  • jmorel
    started a topic Automatic scoring

    Automatic scoring

    I recently purchased a center and I am looking to put Automatic scoring in, does anyone have any suggestions as to what used scoring I should stay away from? Or what scoring I should be looking for? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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