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  • Mendes Scoring

    I see on the parts for sale there is a mendes system, my question is can it be interfaced with 8230's? and is it worth it? I have a small 6 lane center right now with no scoring at all. Any recommendations on scoring? Trying to stay low priced and basic for now. Thanks!

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    A Mendes system can be interfaced with 82-30's , however, it may cost some $$$$$ if the current set up is/was running on Brunswick pinsetters. In 2005 , I installed Brunswick pinsetters in a center that had 30's running with Mendes scoring. Found a person that would do a chip change in the gold box to convert the AMF version to Brunswick. The cost was expensive, so I discarded the Mendes ball detects, and installed a Bowl tronic ball trigger system .
    As for your second question " is it worth it. " Mendes is no longer in business. The replacement parts are difficult to find, and very expensive . Very few centers run this system, so tech support can be a major cost. I worked for a 38 lane center in 2000 that had a new Mendes system installed. We received no manuals . Tech support was done through the office in Canada. When Mendes closed, a few of the tech support people offered yearly contracts to centers . The problem being that if you had hardware issues, they were not much help. The Mendes system that was installed had a master console that operated 3 slave consoles. When the master went down, you lost 8 lanes of scoring.
    In my opinion, if you are trying to stay low cost, this may not be the best system to purchase due to the proprietary nature of the operating system, plus the fact that very few people can service mendes scoring. There are very few replies on bowl tech regarding mendes scoring problems.
    If you are still interested in purchasing Mendes, contact some of the members on Bowl Tech and ask what they are doing for tech support, and how much is it costing them per year. If you PM me, I can supply you with the names of the 2 centers that I know have mendes. ( Talked to one on friday, and the owner is ready to scrap the whole system and go to paper and pencil ) .
    Again, my opinion only, if you are looking for used scoring, look for Brunswick , or AMF , Qubica , Qubica/AMF .These systems are the most popular and have a greater number of resources for maintaining the equipment.
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      It is not worth it! There is only a couple places in the us that will even look at mendes stuff for repair and if they can't you have to go to Canada and that is not cheap and the turn around is crazy long.

      The only way to get parts is to find someone getting rid of it.

      Run from the thought of mendes!

      Now having said that do you know any one getting rid of any? I am always looking and in need.
      Sometimes we have to do stuff to get by....Just go back and do it right when the "by" has passed!!


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        What are you looking for?


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          Anything that works. We have 6 lanes of 8230's with the 6525 chassis and omega tek expanders. All we have now is tele scores and people would just rathet have automatic scoring. I just need a basic automatic scoring system. Not trying to spend thousands of dollars.


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            you can probably get any of the brunswick as systems(as-80,as-90,as-k) pretty cheap but I don't know how the service on them is.

            Mojo if you meant for me mostly for lower monitors or the stands to replace the monitors.
            Sometimes we have to do stuff to get by....Just go back and do it right when the "by" has passed!!


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              Try this place Bradley

              Back Office, Legacy Scoring, Management Systems, AMF, Command network, Cubica, Front Office, Purfect Score, Replacement, Frameworx, Hardware upgrade AS90, Advantage plus, Brunswick, Xenix, XL

              Smurtland , I'll see what I have and PM you


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                Beautiful! Thanks!
                Sometimes we have to do stuff to get by....Just go back and do it right when the "by" has passed!!


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                    I have worked with as-80,frameworks,accuscore and accuscore plus. Mendes is by far the most reliable. maybe i am lucky but in 5 years i have lost one board in the lower console(not including the high voltage board for the monitor) and about 3 camera boards.
                    Sometimes we have to do stuff to get by....Just go back and do it right when the "by" has passed!!


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